10 Life-Changing Feng Shui Home Updates You Can Make Right Now!

Oct 25, 2020 | Creativity, Home Style

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From decor to energy flow, maintenance to cleaning, this year of being at home has expanded my own home change-making and brought to light so many powerful shifts that are possible and easy.

Today, I’m sharing 10 ways to make an energy-shifting difference in your home and life every day. This home energy boost will have a big impact on your feeling of being “at home” and all the love and empowerment it brings!

Change the air filters + clean your fans. THIS article from the New York Times was my inspiration. It’s not hard and the difference it makes in your air quality is amazing. If you’ve got ceiling fans to clean, THIS is a great article that walks you through the steps!

Gorgeous dining room by Kevin Francis.


Paint with non-toxic VOC-FREE paint. Clare is my favorite paint, and they make it easy to get the job done from start to finish. I have a few gallons on the way for a room makeover (stay tuned!) and I couldn’t be more excited to give my walls a glowing fresh start.

The colors are EPIC. I want to do my whole living room in “Wing It” but right now my focus is on “Headspace” (see above) in the room I’m making over!

(via Emily Henderson)

Wrap your old lampshades in fabric. It’s an instant makeover. I learned a simple technique from Emily Henderson’s blog to wrap a lampshade in minutes. Also, you can paint your lampshades, and this articles shows you how!

Try laundry stripping on your old cushion covers. This made-crazy Tiktok trend caught my eye for good reason– the results can be eye-popping. You soak your desired dirty fabrics in a tub full of borax, washing soda and detergent and then wash them in the conventional washer after they release a sludge of dirt and other questionable colored matter. It’s a graphic process at times, it’s not recommended for all fabrics, but when it works, it’s a wow-factor indeed. HERE is more on how to do laundry stripping.

Clean your oven racks, too! THIS method involves a bathtub, dish detergent and a few old towels. It’s way easier, I find, to do big cleaning projects using lots of soaking and following the most fool-proof methods.

Hang a rug or a tapestry as a headboard. The video above is a clever diy upgrade, but you can quite literally hammer a thin rug directly onto a wall if it’s lightweight!

(this is a great diy)

Press some flowers and turn them into art. I have a batch of pressed flowers in the process of drying and I’ll share my results, but, for now, this is an easy-to-follow and lovely project to get you started. It’s a beautiful way to transform flowers into art.

On that note, you can also turn your flowers into a love-magnetizing potpourri! If you missed the video how-to, it’s HERE!

One big energy tip for your whole life and home is a NEW PLANNER!

I am working on my present planner, a real staple in my home and life, in a few minutes once this is posted and, I’ll be ordering my 2024 edition Passion Planner later today!

When your plans look good they’re more likely to get done, so I’ll be planning and planning, including planning lots of free time, self-care and time for tons of love!

Pillows can make a big splash for little cash.  And, a rainbow of pillows makes a big energetic statement!

Consider a new array of pillow covers. I’m contemplating a pastel rainbow like this one for the new year and you can find (or make) them quite inexpensively! Extra pillows can add so much lushness to a room.

All of this is relatively easy, and just the very start of very big home upgrades. Step-by-step, using creativity and ingenuity, you can upgrade your home and transform just about everything!

Shower your space with love and you’ll see that love expand all the greatness in your life!

Have so much fun in the process!



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