Is It Time To Reorganize Your Life So That You Can Shine?

Oct 30, 2020 | Creativity

reorganize your life

Reorganize your life and you will shine.

Be it a few minutes or a full week or more, we all need to have time and space to clear our minds and connect to all of life.

Right now, I am headed into a major version of one of those times.

Maybe you are too?

I’ll still be online… but in a flash of inspiration I decided I’m reorganizing my entire life and the way that I work so that I’m online a small fraction of the time and I can finally do all the things that I truly, madly, deeply, passionately want to do that will make my time online truly extraordinary.

I knew I’d find a way to finally get focused on five big things that have been on my to-do list for over a year. Now, one-by-one, they will get done! And everything will flow even more smoothly!

The School of Intention starts soon.  It’s the Professional Feng Shui School, and it’s expanding even further in the weeks ahead with more art, more cutting-edge energy shifting and innovation– details are here if you want to join us!  It’s number one on the very big list of things being expanded, and that list of expanding things this year is long and glorious! 

Is it time to reorganize your life in the service of more of your dreams, rather than just one or two of them?

reorganize your life


I understand the ideas of having to work, wanting to work and needing to work. My re-organization has nothing to do with working less, and yours doesn’t need to, either.

Instead, it’s about where I get to shine and constantly look forward to things.

Do you have control of your schedule?

I have the most clear mind in the morning, so it would make sense that this is when I should be writing and doing emails, etc, yet it’s not been this way AT ALL. Everything had gotten jumbled in 2020 because, hey, there’s not a lot of outside distractions or events to attend. I’m not going anywhere so I’m returning emails throughout the day and night, doing things at odd hours. While I’m infinitely grateful that things are great, I’m not feeling so great about the idea that my schedule had overtaken me.

Reorganizing is personal magic!

Are you working on the things that are the most meaningful to you?

I have those 5 personal and also work projects that have been on my list and they’ve barely moved an inch because I need time to dream on them. I need to be able to sketch, paint, think, walk, dream, brainstorm and all of it.

This blog started as a watercolor sketch in a notepad and piles of notes. It accumulated over months until I knew what I wanted. And it held up brilliantly for 10 years, so I venture to say it was work the time spent dreaming. Even the redesign took many years of dreamy time to get it done right!

Do you have time to dream about, ponder, brainstorm and meditate on the things you want to create in your life?

Because I haven’t had this ample time to dream, it’s been incredibly hard to imagine moving forward on any of these projects because they’re not fully formed yet.

It’s time to let those ideas take shape, time to bake new cakes, learn new skills and… I even re-designed my bedroom because it has been the least inspiring room in my house that I spend incredible amounts of time in!

What can help you get into a more refreshed, dreamy, creative state?

It might start with sleep, time off, more breaks or even a mini vacation. I found myself looking for houses to rent for a few months in the winter to change scenery, and that was my cue to take a pause to re-organize. Perhaps for a week or two a new house would shift my focus, but I know me: I’d be right back to the same-old stuff soon after. Maybe I’ll still get away to a new spot for a while… but I’m not gonna run away!

Instead, I’m taking a week-long break to get deep into this dreaming, re-organizing and feeling inspired. I’ll still be working a bit, but much less. I consider this a jump-start to re-designing my whole schedule.

Really organizing life gives you time to make the most of all things, including what you’re already creating right now.

There’s much more I want to do with the blog, in video projects, in creative terms… and I have a feeling it’s all going to be coming together as I paint my bedroom and rest like crazy and take long walks and do home spa days every day.

I knew it was time to do this big life-shift “in my mind” but now I “feel it in my body.”

It’s time.

It’s so inspiring that it feels like bubbles of life force are rising inside of me.

Are you ready to re-organize in some way in the service of making your dreams come true?!

Let’s do this!



P.S.: The School of Intention Professional Feng Shui Certification Program starts soon. HERE is where you can get the details and register for this one-of-a-kind Feng Shui training.


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