A Few Vital Tips To Makeover Anything You Want To Refresh!

Nov 10, 2020 | Creativity


Are you ready for a makeover in some way?

I’m raising my hand! I’m deep into a bedroom overhaul that’s quite monumental and long overdue.

I know why I put off this makeover. It was a cloud reasonable excuses that created the haze that kept me from diving in sooner. “Busy// I’ll be moving// It’s easier to do this// It’s fine as it is// etc. etc. etc.”

Two and a half years later, what was I waiting for? I could’ve been basking in the glow of my new shimmering muted blue green walls, stepping on the plushest rugs, wrapped in velvet bedding with shining gold lampshades beside me as I sat on the softest clay-toned linen bed.

But, that cloud of reasonable excuse noise is interesting in how quickly it can halt forward motion.

And, makeovers are not all very easy.

Today, let’s look at a few ways to make your makeover of just about anything much more seamless. They’re super-simple, but if you do them with real immersion you’ll cut through the haze of your own clouds of reasonable excuses and start making big progress and transformation– right now!

Start by clearing space to dream bigger.

If you want to do bigger, dream bigger. Clear space helps you to think — and dream– in more full-spectrum brilliance.

Clearing space can be: clearing clutter, clearing energy, clearing your mind, clearing your life. It’s big, it’s exciting and it’s epic in the results.

Clearing space can be a makeover in itself.

Get clear on the actual desired outcome. It’s not just about how something (or someone) looks, it’s about how it feels, flows and glows!

What do you really want as the outcome?

Yes– what does it look like?

And– what does it feel like?

How do you see the outcome of your makeover affecting your life?

When you have a very deep sense of the result, that vision will drive you forward.

Do some visual –as well as process– research.

Visual research is where I begin because I’m highly visual.

If I’m making over a home or a room, I get images together online. If I’m making over a part of my life, I pull together images that reflect aspects of the results I’m after.

But, I also research a lot of best practices and processes. This has been game-changing and it’s emboldened me to take bigger creative risks.

I credit TikTok for endless DIY videos that have prompted me to make some creative moves I wouldn’t have felt so confident in doing. Seeing something 15-20-30 times… it starts to come more exciting.

YouTube, too! It’s been a powerhouse in major skill training in my life. I’ve learned to use tech tools for work, revitalize my super-long hair and make killer healing remedies in a game-changing way just from watching non-stop video tutorials. Next project: learning to do proper liquid eye liner. It’s non-essential but incredibly exciting!

Plus, I can’t stop reading and listening to books.

Research is incredibly motivating and expansive.

Embrace “I CAN” over everything else and refuse to look backward.

There are messy moments in all of these makeovers as you’re literally revamping something in a major way!

In the first 20 minutes of painting my bedroom: I had paint splatter on my face, I dropped a brush filled with paint that managed to land everywhere on me and on my house on it’s crash course to the ground and I made a few other huge technical errors.

Those years of convincing myself I shouldn’t paint or makeover my bedroom came roaring back to me. “Why did I do this? I’m screwed! I can’t turn back now… and I can’t go forward…

I walked outside for 10 minutes– the only break I took in the six hours to follow (*I don’t recommend this when painting your home– take breaks!) — and said over and over again… “I can. I can. I can. I can.” I psyched myself into not only doing the painting but, also, I started playing a game competing against myself to be an excellent home painter.

I was locked into every stroke. I still make a wicked number of mistakes but I solved all of them– every single one. It looks professional (astonishingly so) because I took that time to un-do a strong current pulling me down a negative drain.

Stay flexible and as balanced as you can be! 

While balance is personal, here the emphasis is on getting enough rest.

When you’re deep in the change-making, you can get gusts of energy so momentous that the thought of sleep seems so unnecessary because you’re on a roll– but: sleep anyway. You might be so excited that it feels like there’s no need to take a break for six hours — but: take the break anyway.

My body would be 100% instead of 90% today if I had taken a few breaks yesterday, but I really didn’t do this on purpose. I was so engrossed in what I was doing that I thought I was painting for two hours or so, not six! Next time I do something like this, I’m setting a timer to remind me to walk away for a while!

But, I pretty much lounged for the entire day today, so alls well in the end.

I know that we living in a world that prioritizes action, but rest is an action, too!

With enough rest you’ll be more flexible in every way.

Your mind will be sharper and more resourceful. Your whole body will feel lit from within. You’ll be able to adapt to all this positive change with ease and flow. You’ll feel better and better. And, you’ll be able to enjoy the results of all your makeovers (the whole entire point of doing these things!) 100X more!



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