Create Space To Grow Plants (And Abundance!) At Home!

Nov 16, 2020 | Prosperity


Having just finished a 25 hour bedroom update (I’m being conservative– it may have been more like 35 hours!) I decided to swear off more home projects for a moment.

It’s now a day later– and I have one minor and one more major project in the works!

This year has not been great for many things, but it has been great for settling into upgraded space and growing lots and lots of plants.

Plants are energy boosting, space-clearing, wise and wellness-enhancing. Plants also represent lots of wealth in full bloom, too!

While I’m not likely to relocate to a home with massive gardens until after this global health crisis has passed, I need more greenery. So, my patio is becoming a massive green-space. And, as I order supplies to set this project in motion, I’ve been pulling together ideas to add more plants… everywhere!

WALL PLANTERS that work. I have very little love for replanting plants into small ceramic hanging pots that fit against a wall (there’s no drainage and it’s a messy process to re-pot and water everything) so I avoided all wall planters until recently when I found THESE. They’re made to last (coated with resin), they instal with a single nail hammered into the wall at an angle and they hold standard 4″ plant pots. This means– easy watering, easy re-potting and easy installation. Plus they’re under $20 for three of the geometric shaped pots, so I am sold. These might wind up featured with some tropical plants over my desk if I don’t quickly install them on the patio walls when they arrive!

These planters could be great in a bathroom, by a kitchen window or even in

HYDROPONICS for indoor herbs. I’ve wanted an Aero Garden for so long, I’m finally taking the plunge. I’ve run out of space in my kitchen to grow more and I am low on indoor space with good herb-growing light so it’s possibly time to take the plunge. If you don’t have good lighting at home but want to grow fresh herbs or even greens and more indoors, these are a bigger investment than plants ($99 each) but it’s an all-in-one growing system that is fail proof. Over time, given the $$$ I spend on herbs, this will pay for itself, and I’ll have fresh herbs growing in my dining room… so it may be time to get this going!

CLASSIC hanging plants. THESE planters are inexpensive and excellent. Just slip your pots in and you’re all set to hang on a hanger. I’ve got just one hanging plant in my house and I’m tapped out for hanging space because I avoid hanging anything overhead where people will be seated or walking beneath. I wish I had space for more. You may have all that ideal space and I encourage you to use it! Hanging plants are striking with their strong vertical lines pulling your attention upward in a strong way that’s uplifting!


These are a few starting places that can help you to innovate. There are also classic flower boxes to hang outside of windows if that’s a possibility for you, or along the railings of balconies. There are big pots you can use to cultivate dwarf citrus trees in a sunny room. There are amazing raised garden beds and tower gardens.

There are so many options, there’s really no reason not to start growing more right now.

You’ll feel the freshness year-round. And, you’ll grow so much abundant, magnetic energy in your life!



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