How Much Are You Living The Lifestyle You Want To Live?

Dec 2, 2020 | Creativity

How much are you living the life you want to live?

I know that as I write this at the end of 2020, many of us are going to respond with a very quick and definitive— NOT AT ALL. This year has exceeded the word “unprecedented” by miles.

Yet, we still have a lifestyle to live and still have choices to make every day, all the time.

It struck me some weeks ago that there are at least 10 ways (* I made a list, of course!) that I could bring more style– and, also, layers of expansion and creativity– to my days every day, starting right now.

It’s made every day much more of an adventure already, and I hope in sharing some of it you’re inspired to create more space and bring more style into your lifestyle right now, too!

Since early March, I have been piling on the stay-at-home sensory richness to the greatest extent possible. I have never burned more candles, collected more home workout gear together or spent more time reading in my adult life as I have in 2020.

That’s all good. I’m incredibly grateful.

But, I knew as I sat in my yoga pants all day long with unwashed hair (baths all week long) and not a shred of style present in this look that I was just scratching the surface. This isn’t just a “2020” situation either. I could go for weeks without getting “dressed up” in the years before this. What felt like a luxury of working at home soon became a drudgery.

It’s not a superficial thing. It’s actually an energy thing. It’s also not about being dressed up or even buying things– for me it was, but for you it can be something else completely.

It’s about living the lifestyle you want to live. Starting right now.

When I thought about the aspects of new creative projects and other things I’m really excited about…. I realized that there was no reason why I need to wait to bring all this style and art and making and doing to life right now!

I needed my personal style intact, even if I see no one during the day for a day or many. There were so many things that came along with this…

–Dressing up (even in a more stylish yoga outfit if that’s what I’m doing for the day) is a must-do.

–My ultra long hair needed both a trim and deep conditioning so I got into both (both were easy to do at home) and learned new styling tricks. I’m still experimenting as I wait for a safe time to get a big haircut, and this whole creative experimentation is enlivening in itself.

–Oh, the face masks I could mix up in the kitchen! My favorite being plain raw honey smeared on a clean face for 20minutes or so.

–And, I started playing with makeup for good measure. I have a lot to learn, but this has been really fun.

Are there ways you can bring more of your own style in clothes, hair, jewelry, makeup or anything else to your days?

Sometimes the decision to just do these things is enough to get the creative engines going!

I needed more sensory richness in my house.

–At night, immediately, I started streaming documentaries, classic films and incredibly fun TV.

–I got epic home wifi speakers (more of an indulgence, but they were on a big sale) to play resonant and rich music all day long, and also, to stream audiobooks!

–And, I started cooking new things! New scents, new flavors, new adventures…!

Do you have a diffuser you’re wanted to use, incense to burn, a new texture you want to add with pillows to your sofa or any other sensory richness you want to experience at home?

All of it makes life so much more compelling and it is so much fun to do, even in the most basic of ways.

Also, I needed way more high-level organization in my home to give my lifestyle the “swiftness” and “seamlessness” I’ve been envisioning.

Clearing clutter and organization both create room for big magic and abundance, too!

— I needed more long term planning so I grabbed a sketchpad and started looking all the way through 2021 and beyond. For someone like me who resists too much structure, this was surprisingly exciting!

–I shred a mountain of papers that I truly didn’t need.

–I started deleting emails, upgrading computers, found a scanner I needed to digitize more papers…

— I emptied drawers, experimented with new cleaning supplies, revamped my closet… and actually re-did my entire bedroom. (*you don’t need to take it this far!)

And, in all of this, a whole new level of creative vision became clear. I have new things to make, do, experience and experiment with.

All the key aspects of the lifestyle I wanted to create are now here. So, I’m not waiting or wishing.

And, life is showing me the very clear signs that it’s all been worth it!

And, I can’t wait to share more with you in the season ahead!

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