Change-Making Wellness Gifts To Give All Year Long!

Dec 7, 2020 | Creativity


I’m a big believer that useful presents are a year-round great thing, and while the holidays are traditionally a time of giving all kinds of gifts in mass amounts, this year, more than ever, my focus is on what will be useful, what will be powerful and what will be most life-changing for everyone on my list.

My biggest gifts this year are donations. Thanksgiving and Christmas donations, and donations all year long. We are entering the Age of Aquarius and it’s time for historic amounts of collective action to elevate life for everyone.

That said, if you’re looking for some special extras to give to friends and family to bring an energy boost to 2021, this roundup of favorites is for you!

Herbal high-vibe energy boosters are a favorite of mine because plants are our original medicine and we need all that plant energy infused into our lives in all ways to glow and thrive!

In A Golden State tinctures, created by my dear friend, herbalist Julie Hovsepian, have been flying off the digital shelves. She infuses the herbal remedies herself, with strong intention and intuitive guidance. Rise & Shine is an overall vitality and glow tincture, and Golden Voice is amazing for self-expression. The Essence-ial One is a tincture for expanding your consciousness. Yes, they are all amazing. And they sell out fast, so get on this one quickly if you want to get some as holiday gifts!

Purity Organic CBD Tea is a great gift for you and your friends, especially if you’re tryin to quit coffee and cut down on caffeine (*they do have a chamomile that is caffeine free as well). Each cup of tea is infused with 15 mg of CBD (and NO THC), and there are a host of relaxing and focusing reasons why this tea can be a great addition to your daily winter drink line-up.

Great plants as gifts are a gift that is forever memorable!

Lula’s Garden is a succulent shop that ships beautiful succulents around the USA and they arrive in a beautiful, eco friendly display. It was so lovely to have this arrive on my doorstep, it takes almost zero energy to keep it thriving and the long-term joy it brings made it a winner in my book.

Bloomscape delivers all kinds of houseplants and trees in decorative pots with a nod to Mid Century Modern in a lovely array of colors. I am sold on gifting myself a bamboo palm for my bedroom and a pothos collection to hang on wall planters outside!

My fave new skin oil– eyes and face– that’s full of magic.

Luna flor vida is a handmade brand by Rebecca Velasquez that is cosmic on the highest level and also incredibly affordable for all its magic. Her face oil and eye oil were born of years of rigorous testing, as is her room spray to keep the bad vibes out of your home because good vibes are the best beauty secret. O course, it’s all natural and it’s also made with love!

Art + Brainstorming Supplies!

Viviva watercolor sheets are a nifty booklet of super-intense, gorgeous watercolors you can use directly from the sheet, meaning you can carry these watercolors in your pocket or purse and use them any time! I was most impressed by the rich colors, though it’s also pretty magical to swipe a damp brush across a page and start painting with it!

Passion Planners are still, hands down, my favorite planner. I’ve already placed my order for gift planners for 2021, and I got another one for me, too!

A great gift to give: a Passion Planner, some great pencils (I get colored pencils, too) and an eraser. Talk about a life-changing gift that’ll be remembered every single day of the year.

As I head off to mix up some energy tinctures and write in my own planner, I’m wishing you a joyous holiday season!



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