One Powerful Way To Harness The Magnetic Magic Of Being Original!

Dec 19, 2020 | Creativity

(dustin humes)

If you want to be the greatest magnet for success– be yourself.

And, if you want to be the greatest magnet for love– be yourself.

And, if you want to be the greatest creative genius– be yourself.

In this world of much confusion, being yourself cuts through the noise.

There’s a tremendous amount of power in being yourself fully.

To get to that place– or to return there when needed– it’s time to declutter!

(dustin humes)

To really get in touch with your core values, your unique point of view and all of your creative power I’m going to start by suggesting you do something I recommend to all of my School of Intention students who are becoming Feng Shui Professionals in this unique method of Feng Shui—

Stop reading/ watching/ listening.

Until you feel truly cemented in your voice and your own point of view, reading, watching and listening to people in your field or even in related fields can become a type of clutter that sinks in, even in an unconscious way.

Have you spent a lot of time with a friend and picked up their accent or speech patterns/idioms?

Have you found yourself dressing like the people you’re around most often?

This happens in so many ways. While there’s great value in inspiration, style icons and admiring the creativity of others, and even feeling that inspiration inform your work and style, there’s a limit to its usefulness.

You need to leave space for you to shine.

I know it’s ironic as I create epic amounts of content– articles, videos, audio, images and more– that I’m suggesting you stop reading/watching/listening to media, but it’s really about taking a pause.

For me, I have zero interest in Feng Shui anywhere else online or in books, and I never have, so I’ve never been influenced by anyone in my methodology. I reference and I credit a zillion artists and researchers for insights, accomplishments, resources and masterpieces they’ve provided to the world and never claim that work as my own. But, the joy in my work began when I started to create and test a method for many years that did not exist before me.

To do it, I shut out nearly all outside influence. For many seasons I didn’t read any even anecdotally-related literature, I stopped reading all but fiction books, I didn’t watch videos that had anything to do with the wellness world and, really… I was too lost in the universe of creating things to notice.

It was in the first weeks of dropping that stuff of influence that my personal style re-emerged, even how I dressed and thought about fashion. I felt like, after years in Los Angeles, my style got diluted by corporate dress codes and other standards, styles and requirements imposed upon me and filtered into my life.

I had a very clear vision of the ideas I wanted to experiment with and I let them fly freely. I wrote some of the best articles ever. I soon got big feature press and was noticed in ways I wasn’t expecting.

I’ve seen this happen for hundreds of people. When the world of noise outside ceases, the world of clarity becomes like a super-magnet in all the greatest ways.

When too many of the outside voices creep into my mindset, things get stale, I get unenthusiastic and I immediately know it’s time to turn off the social media/videos/reading/podcasts and get back to making things.

I’ll never stop watching/reading/listening to things that interest me, but I keep an eye on my own creative voice now, and I notice when I’ve had my fill and it’s time for more silence and clarity in all ways.

If you’re ready to blast off into new creative realms, this very simple idea can declutter your life and help you to shine!

The world needs your very special gifts, your point of view and passionate purpose burning bright!




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