9 Feng Shui Ways To Actually Use What You Learn Every Day!

Dec 23, 2020 | Creativity

(Energy Muse explains how to make your own crystal grid right HERE)

Actually use what you learn every day and you’re on the road to mastery!

Today, it’s not even NOON as I type this and I’ve learned many new things including a cooking technique that seems very valuable and many more tips to do things better in all ways.

We are in a sea of helpful hints, tips, learning and data.

It’s incredibly exciting for me, given that I’d watch PBS all weekend long and paint along with Bob Ross then scour seed catalogues after watching Mel Bartholomew’s Square Foot Gardening. I’d cook something– anything!– after watching Julia Child re-runs and The Frugal Gourmet, a man who prompted me to beg my mom for a wok to stir fry vegetables when I was about 9 years old.

PBS was my Internet of Learning long before the Internet. The thing about it was– you saw a full show. You learned how to make things from start to finish. You had a real educational experience, even if it was limited to thirty minutes.

So, now, as I’ve picked up a handful of tips before NOON from Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook and You Tube alone… I’m not as moved to apply them all, though I want to know them all.

It can be either exciting or overwhelming to have so much data at our fingertips.

Let’s put all these tips — including things you learn here, reading this blog and watching videos– to great use in life in powerful, life-affirming, really instructive ways.

(damian elwes/ how to set up a painting studio on Artsy)

During the crazy year of 2020, I got lost in learning and creating things, something I’m so privileged to have been able to do and something I don’t take for granted.

Perhaps you’re with me on this– spending time getting lost in videos, scrolling, reading, taking classes, watching webinars and pretty much anything that feels like a hit of inspiration.

It can be so intoxicating to learn. It’s part of why I became a Tiktok super-fan in 2020. Ten minutes and I might learn 20 things! But thirty minutes and I have information overwhelm.

When the overwhelm sets in and the mind-clutter builds up, I’m reminded to either 1. stop consuming for a while or 2. start USING what I’m learning.

Here are ten energy shifts that can help you put all your awesome freshly-learned data to use to make life so much better in abundantly fun ways—


Actually make the DIY that you’ve been watching online. I’ve watched over 40 different videos on how to grow lemon trees from lemon seeds. I’m doing it this week. Not waiting. I’m ready. I’ve also watched countless videos on trimming succulents into new plants, and that’s also on the agenda this week.

Experience is what makes it magical. So, If you’ve been seeing endless videos on how to make acrylic pour paintings or painted glass vases that look like ceramics (mixing baking soda into the paint is the trick!) it’s time to get to the local craft store or dollar store and get the goods to make it happen!

Post your results of a new exercise or learning on social media.

I’m thrilled when people tag me on social media (@thetaoofdana) with posts explaining things that they’ve done after they’ve read them on this blog or watched them on YouTube.

When I’ve done this myself, posting DIY projects I’ve learned online or recipes I’ve made, it’s a thrill. It also encourages my friends to try their own stuff they’ve talked about doing.

We can talk a lot. Doing is where the magic happens!


Keep a journal of all the ideas you learn.

There’s absolutely no way I can assimilate everything I learn every single day all at once, but I keep a journal of ideas. It’s basically a notebook that I add ideas to, including where I heard them or any details that seem important. Writing things down keeps them out of your mind but still within easy reach- and both are a great feeling.

The last thing you want to think is that the time you spend researching beeswax candle making only to find the perfect article of key tips– a whole hour you spent doing this– was all for naught. Write it down and you can flip through your Journal of Ideas and find it far easier.

If you want to elevate your journal– make a bullet journal. THIS New Yorker Article, Can Bullet Journalling Save You? has helped me embrace this new experiment!

Make Pinterest Boards or save the Instagram posts or Tiktok videos that you see that blow your mind!

I keep private boards of must-try recipes, hair colors (!), DIY art and so much more. It’s such a great resource!

Make a point of sharing what you’ve learned with a friend or family member; talking about new learning brings it to life.

When you share what you learn, even in broad strokes, with even one person you’re much more likely to “retain” that knowledge. I love sharing new ideas with friends as it creates so much amplification of inspiration!

Note: If you share things publicly, be sure to credit where you learned it and who you learned it from, and don’t share things in detail publicly at all if it violates the policies of the people you’re learning from.

Slot time in your calendar to practice new things. For example, I’m learning a new skill over the holiday and my afternoons from 11-4 are going to be all about it.

When you have the time, you do the things. Especially when they’re fun things!

Discern what you’re consuming so you can filter out the things that aren’t going to support your growth.

Have you caught yourself watching the fourth video on a scary topic and thinking to yourself ” Why did I do this?!”

BEFORE you start digging into material, ask yourself if it really supports the life you’re trying to create.

This has taken me 100% off of certain topics and even certain platforms like Twitter that had become my main filter for news. The things I was reading did not support any life I wanted to create.

Play classical music while you study when you’re actually learning a deeper skill.

Many types of Classical music increase your learning ability. You can start HERE!

Clear clutter so that you can expand your life in all these creative ways!

If you want to learn more— clear your space.

If you want to focus more– clear your space.

If you want to have more success– clear your space.

And, if you want to feel better and better– clear your space.

Decluttering is incredibly powerful. And you can start today!



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