2021 Numerology To Start Expanding Your Creativity + Making More Magic Happen!

Dec 29, 2020 | Creativity, Feng Shui 101

2021 is a fresh year and that freshness is exemplified in the themes that emerge from the Numerology of the year.

Every year, my sister Nicole Claudat, a numerologist and a brilliant intuitive energy expert, writes about the themes of the year to come.

Today she’s sharing the energy of the #5 Universal Year that is 2021. May you all flourish and prosper on every level, supported by all this expansive energy!

From Nicole:

“Numerology is the study of the significance of the energy that is carried within numbers. Numerology can be traced back to the Hebrew Kabbala 10,000 years ago and even to the father of Geometry, Pythagoras.   Pythagoras believed that each number carried a specific energy.  To him, the numbers 1 through 9 symbolized the stages of our life as human beings.

In the study of numerology, the numbers 1-9, 11, 22 and sometimes 33 carry energetic vibrations and represent specific qualities, preferences, motivations and potentials for people and aspects of their life.  The Universal Year number serves as a back drop or blanket of energy that will have influence, meaning and energetic effects for the entire planet as a collective.   In understanding the themes occurring universally, we are able to step into a place of  alignment with these universal forces to utilize this universal energy and maximize our potentials for evolution and growth. 

We are emerging from a 22/4 Universal Year.   In line with the energy of the number 4, this year was about building new foundations, re-organization, and installing new systems of operation.  It’s a number that is serious in nature, and as time has revealed, the energy of the 22/4 called into question how our systems (personal or societal) are run, how solid our foundations were and called for us to reorganize our homes, lives and priorities to allow for a new way of operating during these unprecedented times.    

Now that we are exiting this energy, it is great time to take a pause and reflect on your personal accomplishments from this year. 

What are some personal lessons or key takeaways you have from this time?  How did you have to re-organize your own life in order to thrive?  What obstacles did you overcome that you can be proud of? 

This was a year full of firsts for many of us, and we all have something we adjusted to, made happen or overcame.  Heading into the 5 Universal Year, 2021 (2+0+2+1 = 5) it can be an amazing start to acknowledge ourselves for these personal accomplishments. 

The 5 Universal Year brings the energy of change, transition, adaptability, versatility, creativity, uniqueness and thinking outside of the box.  It represents the idea of Constructive Freedom –  creating a life where you feel strong, untethered and limitless in your potential.  This energy is exciting, adventurous, fun and intended to bring about big changes in one’s life. 

Constructing a Sense of Freedom:

The universally blanketed energy of this upcoming year will create the desire to feel freedom and liberation.  As we move into this new 5 energy from a 4 Universal Year, we may feel very limited and a feeling of working within constraints. Yet, it is up to the individual to create their own sense of personal sovereignty and a sense of feeling free.  Instead of looking through the lens of limitation, you can switch your focus to what is possible.   Focus on the things you can do, call on your resourceful, creative thinking to create ingenious ways to feel a sense that everything is possible.


Expansive Thinking:

The energy of the 5 Universal Year is endless, infinite possibilities.  This is a time to think in innovative and new ways, for this is when we can match the universal vibration that will be  occurring this year, and become open to seizing amazing opportunities (which will abound.)  There may be some things that you didn’t think were possible for you, but with this new energy everything is possible – and this can happen in unexpected ways.    Focus on the realm of possibilities and open your mind to creating workable solutions to seeming problems.    There are no limits here – for the mindset heralded at this time is progressive and expanded – and what you focus will grow.  Especially now!

Progression & Change:

The energy of the 5 fosters bringing big dreams to life in new and exciting ways. Instead of holding onto to fixed expectations of how things should unfold or how things should be, this is an ideal time to learn to flow with, and allow for change.  Versatility and adaptability are key components in the 5 Universal Year, and because this 5 energy brings change, you will want to employ out-of-the-box thinking in relationships and business.  When we resist change, we feel stuck and stagnant.  Working with the changes – this will help you create a sense of freedom you most certainly will be craving at this time.


Creativity & Creating the life you’ve always wanted. 

The energy of 2021 boasts creation and creativity.  The energy of the number 5 holds the actions of creation and construction. This is an ideal time to list out your deepest dreams and desires and create road maps to take you there.  Think big and allow for creative ideas and solutions to make things happen.   Creative activities such as painting, drawing, writing/and or journaling, cooking, gardening etc, all keep your energy focused, shining and bright.  Creativity keeps your energy flowing and opens you up thinking in expanded and prosperous ways!  

Have fun with these themes & Happy New Year to Everyone!”

If you’d like to work with Nicole, she does massive energetic Home Clearings, intuitive Energy Alignment and boosting sessions and, of course, Numerology in brilliant ways. You can reach her at the moment by messaging me: dana@fengshuidana.com. xoxo Dana

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