The Power Of Innovation Can Create More Greatness In Your Life!

Jan 13, 2021 | Creativity

the power of innovation

The Power of Innovation is a huge theme for me. It’s what created this work with design and what keeps things constantly evolving. 

It happens to be a huge theme of 2022 and beyond is all cosmic ways — and if you missed the 2022 Feng Shui,  it’s all HERE for you.

The Power of Innovation is –creativity, ingenuity, the Cosmic meeting the Practical and… it keeps life interesting.

Whether you’re innovating to make your perfect cup of coffee or your entire career, this eye toward innovation elevates everything.

Right now, I’m doing major innovation in my storage and personal archives, a few creative projects, my time scheduling and, on a random side note, my hair care.

There’s always something new to learn and today we’ll look at some strategies to spark some genius in every day!

Innovation, the noun, as defined by Oxford Dictionary is: “a new method, idea, product, etc.”

Innovating, the verb, is, essentially, coming up with all these new things.

If you want new results, do new things.

Here are a few ways I’ve approached innovation that have been successful –(I won’t dredge up the unsuccessful heap of attempts, though there are so so many!) — to hopefully inspire some of your own creative breakthroughs.

Be willing to try the ideas that instantly feel fantastic even if you have no idea what you’re doing.

I submit to you several of my experiments over the last year: 

–I started doing YouTube Live Streams. This may seem like “no big deal” but it wasn’t immediately easy to make them look semi-normal (I even totally revamped my internet provider to make these better!) 

Tiktok. Oh I love it. I am going to be there more than daily in the months ahead!

The School of Intention, the Professional Feng Shui School, now features so much innovation– from group experiments to an Intention Sending Group– that the power of the training has skyrocketed. 

And, there’s so much more. Even this entire blog is brand new in its design and technology!  I don’t feel like I’m doing anything at all if I’m not innovating in some way. 

Research like crazy to find everything you need to take the next step in innovation.

Even when you research a ton, you’ll never fully innovate until you take the leap. 

That’s part of the process: you will not really be able to prepare for each and every moment of a new experience. So, you will always be, in a sense, out on a creative limb.

But, what you can prepare and practice in advance will help you to reduce the variables and feel more ready to take the leap!

As with all invention, things take shape as you prototype, test your ideas and get feedback.

That said: in order to have this feedback and experience, you have to be willing to step out with your new ideas and see what happens.

There are more than a few projects I scrapped after giving them a go because they were not really the thing once I released them. And, there are a few that I scrapped that went very well (like the Food Shui section of the blog that’s been on hiatus for a few years now and may soon make a comeback!) that were just not falling in place at the right time.

That’s just speaking in work terms. I’ve also tried personal cleanses, morning routines, exercise plans and all kinds of things– some were brilliant for me and some were a great big “no.”

When you research and start trying things out you’re in the genius zone.

Whether or not every idea is a big success is irrelevant. If you stay committed, this energy will lead to monumental success!

Drop out of other people’s ideas and get into your intuitive truth.

While I’m always considering the thoughts and feedback of others, I found the most monumental creative breakthroughs have come when I stopped reading/watching/hearing lots of online media and started embracing more quiet.

I’ve never read Feng Shui online because I’ve been innovating my own unique method out of necessity (*most Feng Shui is reliant on rules, limitations and even superstition and I don’t do any of this) but, I can tell you that I also stopped reading/watching lots of other wellness content when I was really getting into my voice and groove.

Same goes for all things. I try to steer clear of too many (or any) belief systems that might influence me to stray from my intuition or cloud my judgement.

It’s one thing to research the best practices for candle making and another to get completely wrapped up in someone’s rules to the point where it feels uncreative to even try making a candle!

Spend time filling yourself up.

I was stunned to count up the hours I spend in this stay-at-home time doing things that elevate me outside of “work”– about six a day lately.

Because I’m not going anywhere, driving anywhere or doing things outside of my house, it’s been amazing to have a rare opportunity to immerse myself even more in all the spirituality, books, routines, energy practices and self-care that I’ve wanted to do. It’s been the very best investment I have made in my life, and I don’t plan to stop when things open up fully again!

This is really extreme. I used to have about an hour total all day long to do things for myself that were completely creative and when I embraced those pockets of time I deeply thrived. When I didn’t… I felt dull, stagnant and flat.

So, if you can take 10 minute meditation breaks, an afternoon walk at lunch time, a quick glance at your vision board… I promise you, this will add up to brilliant things.

The key here is to be lit from within and focused inside and out on what you’re creating every day.

Keep raising the bar higher to stay in your most innovative, forward-thinking, thrilling energy daily.

You’ll see the rewards come pouring in as you find not just “new” ways to do things, but truly epic ways to express yourself fully and make an unforgettable impact with all your innovation.



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