Mercury Retrograde In Aquarius Feng Shui!

Feb 3, 2021 | Feng Shui 101

Welcome to Mercury Retrograde, this time in the sign of Aquarius from January 30th 2021- February 20th. It’s overflowing with greatness!

Forget everything you’ve ever heard about Mercury Retrograde and realize the Universe is never working against your greater good. Instead, use this time to deeply set yourself up for success!

I’ve just enrolled myself in my own new classes, new endeavors and have been deep in planning. Everything is awesome, and it keeps getting better.

The same goes for you, too!

While I usually look forward to Mercury Retrograde as a symbolic time to refresh, reorganize, rest and revamp things, this Retrograde has themes that are even more thrilling. 

Intuition on a high.  Brilliant thinking and problem-solving.  Stretching into new realms of creativity and innovation. Fresh perspective that takes life to the next level.  

The Feng Shui energy shifts to make the most of the weeks ahead are all about revitalizing and connecting more deeply to your power to create abundance! 

There’s magic in the details. 

Details bring dimension and richness to everything.  If you slow down a bit and pay attention to the details, even the day-to-day things you do can become a source of inspiration.  

Bring more energy to the details of the everyday things you do.   

This doesn’t involve a major investment of time, as even the smallest bit of attention showered on these everyday things can make them more amazing. 

Maybe you can make your bed with a little extra flourish, fluffing the pillows and smoothing the sheets for a moment so you’re greeted with an even more magnetic bed at the end of the day. 

Or, you might take an extra moment to straighten up your desk at the end of the day so you start every day with clear space to make amazing things happen. 

You can take an extra few minutes to set the table before you eat dinner. Or, you can plate your dinner creatively so that it’s infused with a bit more love.  

We all do things every day that feel like they’re done on auto-pilot. You don’t think about them, but they get done.  But, when you show up for even a few of them more consciously, they can become more artful.

Where can you add a bit more of your personal touch to even the smallest things you do every day? 

Bring more energy to the details of your work and your plans.  

When you add more attention to detail to your work and your creative planning, you’re animating it with so much more attractive power.  

It’s always an amazing time to make a Mood Board.  Unlike a vision board that might represent specific things you want to experience or accomplish, a Mood Board is a giant visual brainstorming exercise that can help you to take a goal or a plan and expand on it in all kinds of visual ways that evoke a “mood”. 

It’s a great place to begin when you’re designing a home, but it’s an equally great place to start when you’re working on anything– from running a marathon to writing a book.  All of the visual inspiration you gather up can spark incredible ideas you weren’t expecting at all!   

–Decide on a project you want to focus on. 

–Gather up old magazines and tear out images that strike you as you think about the project. Even clip some words out of magazines or colors or unrelated visuals that feel right to you. (Note: if you don’t have a stack of magazines at home, you can do this on Pinterest to create a digital Mood Board on a digital board!)

–Paste them onto a board as a collage, pin them to a cork board or, yes, add them to your digital round-up online.

–Focus on the FEELING you get when you look at everything you gather and assemble. 

The process itself can be so creatively expansive, helping you to find unique paths forward and ways to express yourself that are all aligned with your vision!  

Reorganize and Revitalize!  

As you organize your home and energize yourself, things tend to move forward with more ease and synchronicity.  Mercury Retrogrades are always symbolic times of renewal, recharging, reviewing and reconnecting.  The idea is that by being more deliberate and focused,  you can set yourself up for all kinds of  expanded success.  

What can you reorganize? Whether you reorganize your closet, your desk drawers, your schedule or your morning routine, you’ll be directing the flow of energy in your life in fresh ways! 

What can you review or edit?  You might be updating social media profiles that you haven’t been on in a while.  Or, you might be doing something as big as editing a book.  Look things over with attention.  Those magical finishing touches you add don’t just communicate to others, they also bring you more pride and fulfillment when they’re a part of your work. 

What can you do to reset your energy? Your energy is so incredibly important, and now is always a great time for a deep dive into self-care or mindfulness practices that refuel you completely.  

Tap into your intuition. 

The idea of following how you feel is really in the spotlight this year.  Your intuition is such an incredible superpower. 

You’ll be able to hone that intuition even more if you eliminate energy drains and distractions. 

Maybe it’s time for a social media break, time to quit a habit that makes you feel exhausted, or time to sort out needless drama so that it isn’t pulling your focus. 

Embrace a little more time to do “nothing” — daydreaming, resting, puttering around– in place of the things that might be overwhelming.  

The more grounded and centered you feel, the more you’ll tune into those hunches, gut feelings and flashes of genius that are game-changing.  

Prepare to soar!   

When you’re organized and prepared, when you’ve done your research and review, when you’ve practiced and revamped and invested your brilliance into all that you’re doing, the confidence and momentum you build is pretty unstoppable.  

Take the time to explore your passions, study the things that light you up, work on mastering the skills that thrill you, and as you do, you’ll see the doors swinging open to new possibilities.  

In the wise words of Seneca, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” 

It’s time to make more luck and feel fantastic in the process! 

I’m wishing you the most amazing three weeks ahead that are full of breakthroughs! 



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