4 Innovative Feng Shui Ways To Make Your Days More Abundant!

Feb 5, 2021 | Creativity, Prosperity

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What feels good to you will bring you more energy. That energy is far more magnetic than any special manifesting formula.

That said, when you’re deeply focused on all the building of abundance in life in all it’s facets– your joy, your wellness, your environment, your relationships and, yes, your actual money!– things start to grow.

Stay focused on the building and on the joy in the moment– not wondering where the rest of the things are or when they’ll arrive. They WILL arrive. And you will be ready for them!

Here are four of my recent favorite Feng Shui ways to make every day more abundant– and you can customize them to suit your needs!


Fill your days with lots of fresh food- especially, if you can, fruit or raw veggies– as much as possible.

When I’m not feeling a glow in my life– or enough life-force– there are two things I reach for and I am mindful now not to drop out of my days:

  1. Water with lemon in it. I feel it truly hydrates me whereas water doesn’t do quite as much.
  2. Smoothies of just fruit and water (and nothing else, because I feel less vibrant when I add in nut milks, etc, in the morning.)

These are my two simple and sure-fire ways to elevate my energy tremendously. How, though, does it make me more abundant?

How I feel = How I think = What I focus on = What I create.

The connection is incredibly powerful. For you, this might mean more salads, soups or anything else that makes you feel full of fresh glowing vibrancy.

Fill your days with words of wealth energy!

Words of wealth are invaluable. Speak about your money and how it’s growing. And, talk about money in general in all words that are flattering and amazing.

That’s a great start. The second piece of this is more moving to me:

Carry books around that fill you with wealth ideas and read them all day long. I have some sort of richly inspiring book on my desk at all times, beside the bathtub and also in my living room, in my bedroom…Occasionally, a book will follow me through the day, but often I’m taking pieces of inspiration from many sources. Or, I’m listening to e-books while I’m cleaning, going for walks or organizing my space. Immersion is potent!

Bonus thought that has an impact: Follow people on social media who are teeming with abundance– whether than abundance is healing energy, joy, entertainment, personal development, investing or anything else. Abundance is multi-faceted and you are multi-faceted, too.

Grow more abundance. I just finished re-potting trees, plants and soon, a mountain of outdoor succulents. Now they all have more room to grow. I have one more tree and some luscious swirled bamboo on the way today! It’s the best investment I make in my home and the benefits are so multi-faceted. There are lots of fun Feng Shui money plants and this can help you get started:

Start creating more potent shifts in your energy with more rest.

One of the most innovative things you can do is to do LESS and rest a whole lot more.

And by resting I do not mean resting in front of a TV or a computer or a phone. Truly rest. Do self care, get to bed early, cut down on screen time, be more deeply calm. This is profoundly powerful life-changing stuff!


Daily: keep making art in some way!

If ever there was something that draws superpowers to the foreground of life, it’s making/crafting/creating things.

Some days that art-making might be cooking a creative meal and others it’s drawing or painting. Dancing. Singing. New makeup routines. A new craft.

Sky’s the limit. The key here is to do something that’s totally pure self-expression and do it with abandon.

If I don’t do this…. I deflate. I feel flat. I start thinking too much. It’s really unproductive.

I actually save time and energy by taking time to be extra-creative!

So, on that note, I’m off to pick up art supplies, including canvas to make mood-board inspired collage art!

Have incredible fun immersing yourself in wealth. So much abundance is waiting for you!



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