How Do You Get Unstuck When Things Are Stuck In Life?

Feb 22, 2021 | Creativity

How do you get unstuck when things are stuck in life? 

This is a great big question I’ve been asked over and over again, for good reason, so today let’s look at effective Feng Shui ways to get things moving with positive momentum!

Bet you know what I’m going to say first…

Yes, clean your house!

It’s an instant way to get the momentum flowing.

The key is to clean with joy and really feel the instant effects of your scrubbing and polishing and dusting.

Next, see the things that ARE moving and only focus on those things.

This is so important! I can’t stress how important this is!

When things are stuck in one area, and you focus on the stuckness, you’ll see it seep into everything from technology glitches to weeds in the garden, pouring salt instead of sugar into a recipe…

You’ll see it echo out in all kinds of ways when you’re fixed on the things that you feel are going wrong.

How do you get unstuck when everything feels like it’s going sideways? 

If you can, in those moments when things are seemingly going wrong, get deep into what’s right– even the smallest things. You might have had a perfectly crisp, juicy apple in your fruit bowl, a fabulous patch of sun shining on your during your walk, an amazing phone call, a funny video…

This is the echo effect you want!

Don’t just enjoy those moments, but dwell on them.

There are a lot of great journal exercises that can also help you to focus in on all the greatness and your most lovely visions.

Here are some of my favorites:

Now, rest. A lot.

Counterintuitive when you want to get things done?



Almost always.

You are a magnetic being and without your energy full and radiant it’s hard to be your most creative, ingenious and powerful self.

If you’ve been struggling to make things “happen” changes are you could use a break. Maybe a longer one than you thought. Those days when I can sleep for 11 hours show me where I was trying way too hard to do whatever it was that I was doing, and remind me to immediately scale back and rest.

Find new paths.

If you take time away and come back to doing things exactly the same– same attitude, same mindset, same actions, same stuff– where do you think you’ll wind up?

Probably much closer to the same place that you are now than you want to be!

Instead, get yourself artistically (if you will) fixed on your project or situation as more of a strategic challenge than an emotional storm.

If you take the immediate pressure off, you’ll actually accomplish MORE. This is well-studied. This is really important.

You might want to make your home more creatively awake with more sensory richness– from candles to amazing snacks– to stay in more of that lightness of being.

And, of course, start working!

I’m not into “manifesting from the sofa while vibrating high” as a life strategy. When it works, I’m all in. But, I’m well aware that it takes a lot more to make breakthroughs.

This doesn’t mean suffer or burn yourself out hustling so hard it hurts.

That’s the opposite of what we’re doing here!

I’m taking about getting into a flow, creating constructive discipline around what you’re doing and making breakthroughs using your ingenuity, focus and consistent commitment.

Even by taking the first steps and customizing them you might already feel that everything is moving positively and starting to work out for you.

Keep an eye on the good stuff. Stay focused on what you want. Don’t entertain distractions, especially overthinking that can topple your vibe. And, keep on going!

Amazing things are already waiting for you to claim them!



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xoxo Dana


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