Take Time To Do Nothing And Increase Your Abundance!

Feb 26, 2021 | Creativity

take time to do nothing

Take time to do nothing– truly just let yourself be- and you’ll see that it becomes a lot easier to manifest much more.

I know, in all the optimizing one can do, there seems to be no time to do nothing.

I hear it all the time and I live it, sometimes, too:

“I have to do so many things just to get organized and I’m supposed to do more now with things going on at work…

And, I didn’t follow up on the challenge I just joined on Facebook…

Plus, I just read the routines of so many people who do more in the morning than I do… and… and…”

Today, I had to say NO to having a meeting I usually want to participate in because I need time to do more of nothing later this weekend. Right now I’m fantastic, but if I move at a swift pace for months on end, or for weeks even… I am toast.

I want to do absolutely nothing at all. And, in a sense, that’s what I’m going to do. Five years ago, I would never be excited about this. But, five years ago I wish I had the wisdom to know that the kind of “nothing” I needed to do would make my whole life dramatically better.

Today, let’s talk about doing nothing as something incredibly important.

When I talk about times of doing “nothing” I’m talking about time for things that are purely recharging, pure pleasure, pure unscripted and purely open-to-anything times. Things like: laying on the beach, sitting under a tree reading a random book for fun, taking a long nap, watching a wild amount of interesting TV or movies.

These are some of the ways I know I need to for a while, whether it’s a day, half a day, a weekend or more.

This is insanely productive.

When I fight the urge to do this, I notice many things can happen, including:

A sense that I have no ideas that are any good. Exhaustion even though I’ve slept a lot. No interest in cooking, eating well or doing anything beyond hitting the button on the electric tea kettle. I scroll aimlessly on social media to try to quell my anxiety because yes, this is the one and only time I feel anxious. I feel anxious, I know, because I feel trapped in a life of being busy that I can’t extricate myself from. If I say “yes” to more things to do at this point I get angry and resentful, living in a mess of my own making.

I should note:

I am both super-grateful beyond words and in love with what I do all day long.

A dream job doesn’t make it better when you’re overdue for a deep break.

A mountain of gratitude isn’t going to substitute, either.

The only thing I’ve found that works is to lean into that feeling of doing nothing.

Sometimes, it’s when I daydream a lot and visualize.

Sometimes I’ll get inspired to do some housecleaning in a leisurely way.

Most of the time, I do whatever is calling me for real. Not an “idea I came up with” but a real true desire. Like the pull to the beach, the deep desire to watch hours of documentaries…

It’s gotta be genuine. And, it’s gotta be completely regenerating.

These are not days for a massive DIY spa day or listening to ebooks or even looking at the phone.

The phone is off.

These are times and days to just be.

They’ve been the key to everything I thought was alluding me:

I don’t crash and burn in exhaustion. I don’t live on a rollercoaster or feel pressure. Everything is so much more creative, expansive and limitless as long as I honor that feeling and knowing that it’s an excellent idea to do nothing as often as I can.

Are you overdue for some time to do more of nothing?

What will that look like for you?

Are you willing to do it without feeling guilty? (this is key)

Make no plans, do what feels best (even if that means all sleep right now!) and enjoy it fully!

Take time to do nothing. 

You’ll be so happy you did!

And you’ll feel so much more abundant!



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