Feng Shui To Eliminate Distractions And Reclaim Your Passion!

Mar 3, 2021 | Creativity

Eliminate Distractions

Do you need to eliminate distractions from your life?

If it’s true that “how you do one thing is how you do everything,” and I really think it is quite true in my life, I get extremely worried when I’m constantly distracted.

Halfway doing things is not OK, and if I see this lazy vibe creeping into some of my most important personal activities every day I know it’s time to regroup immediately.

Sometimes, though, the scattered/ distracted/ unfocused energy becomes a habit. This happened to me in my spiritual practice. I’m used to being with a group, and at home there’s so much to look at, there’s less structure and there’s only me by myself most of the time. From constantly getting distracted my phone notifications to scrambling the hours I sit down and practice to the point where I’m half-asleep, this downturn in my presence seeped slowly but surely into my whole life and dimmed the light on everything.

Whether you’ve been phoning things in, getting lazy at home, getting bored and distracted or you’ve simply been overloaded to the point that you can’t focus well any more— or somewhere in between– today we’re getting into the energy shifts to overcome distractions and reclaim your passion and manifesting power on a high level!

The first time I went to Japan, I was on high alert as though my senses were doused in electricity and everything was made of glitter.

It was incredible. It was the most focused I’d ever felt in my whole life.

Three things happened during that trip:

  • I had a sleep + meal schedule.
  • I had no internet access on a regular basis for scrolling, only for important activities.
  • My whole life revolved around the power of my spiritual practice morning and night.

This is a lot of how I function best. It doesn’t mean it’s how I function every day, though.

For you, it may be when you go running in the morning or meditate twice a day, when you’re eating a certain way or when you have daily quality family time. It might be when you read books, hang out in Nature or make art.

What is an optimal day like for you?

Think of times you were firing on all levels in the very best ways possible and ask yourself “what were the things that defined that time?”

I know very exactly what makes me thrive.  Having the focus to do these things amidst a world of distractions has been, at times, the greatest challenge.

Chances are you know what makes you feel the absolute best you’ve felt in life — times when synchronicity and a sense of confidence, radiance and even a little magic ruled the day. And, if that’s not what’s happening right now in your life, that’s OK.

Energy shifts– simple ones– can get you in your zone of focus in brilliant ways!

If you — and your habits– are the only thing standing in the way of your super-thriving life, that’s a great place to be.

Let’s eliminate distractions today! 

Eliminate Distractions

Pick one thing that’s key to your optimal awesomeness and make it non-negotiable that you focus when you do this daily.

You’re gonna do it full-on, at a level 10, with the greatest attitude and gratitude no matter what.

When you’re waking up feeling incredibly blessed that you can do your yoga practice with a depth of meaning, write in your journal with every sense engaged, walk the dog with a feeling of connection and enchantment, and feel as you do whatever it is that you do that you are living your best life– this is magic!

It’s not about just rolling out the mat and making it through the yoga class, dropping words on paper in a haze or making it through the dog walk to cross it off the list— it’s about the robust pride and purpose in all of it.

Do this for a week or two — full on, fully engaged– and everything else that’s distracting in your life may just melt away on its own because of the power your get from your supercharged new habit!

Keep on going. And as you do, the energy you’re gathering from this daily ritual– whether it’s yoga or writing, prayer or practicing the piano– will let you know you’re ready to bring more of this excellence into more of your life.

It’s a great time to declutter.

Letting things go is a huge life changer.

Whether you declutter your closet, your refrigerator or your calendar, this is truly transformational. If you do nothing more, this alone can help you to eliminate so many distractions!

Take responsibility for your time.

If you want to make a lasting change, personal responsibility is key.

You’ll be tempted to pick up the phone in the middle of the day, let your attention get pulled into tangents, have a ton of random thoughts take you in different directions— but, ultimately, you are responsible for what you focus on.

This is incredibly important. If you’re hooked on the notion that everyone is taking your time and draining your energy, you won’t maintain your genius zone of super focus.

You can decide what is non-negotiable and not able to be swayed. Stick to it and you’ll see just how much more energy and time you actually have!

And, now you’ve got room to expand.

Go for it!!!

When you raise the bar higher in life– aiming big, reaching for the stars– you’re far less likely to wobble and waver.

When you want things badly enough, you’ll take creative risks that galvanize all of your energy and every ounce of your best vibes.

You don’t have to be intense all day long, but be extra epic where it matters most and you’ll see that attitude, that commitment and that awesomeness spill into everything else you do in the most glorious ways!

This is the kind of personal growth that really emphasizes the kind of growth you can feel tangibly and revel in daily!



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