How Do You Know When You Are Headed For Success?

Mar 12, 2021 | Creativity


More times than I can count I’ve almost quit on things (and luckily got talked out of it) before having success in many areas of life. There are exponentially more times I did quit on things before I saw them through because I was frustrated and wanted the big things right now.

I had no inner guide that I could clearly follow and no larger sense of intuition or commitment guiding me for quite a long time. The only reliable thing that told me whether I was succeeding or not was “other people’s opinions.”

That was a really confusing, unfulfilling and limited way to live.

When I finally found more of my own “inner compass” and trusted myself more… I was shocked that I’d spent so long living my life according to what other people thought.

Yes, sometimes those people awesomely saved me from quitting on big things. But, also, sometimes they had opinions and I went along with them. They had doubts and questions and I agreed with it all. And, in a sense, my life wasn’t my own, through one one’s doing but my own!

I came to see that there were personal ways to know if I was on the right path with anything I was creating– from a new habit to a new creative project, relationships, pretty much anything and everything– and it helped free me to start living life on my own terms and in my own best ways. As I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, I wanted to share some of what I’ve realized that can help you stick to your greatest success paths!

Here are a few ways to stay on a success-filled path and not quit before you reach your goals—

Really go for what you want–deeply.

I’m working on this one as we speak. Yes, I want some things and I have goals but I’m missing the velocity turbocharger that comes from really deep desire to do something more outrageous right now.

For me, this means I’m spending the weekend getting both more absolutely clear and way more audacious.

Wishy-washy small goals bring wishy-washy small results, you know?

If you’re quick to quit or lacking motivation, the very first thing to check on is: “Do I really want this thing I’m working toward?”

If not, it’s time to get aligned with your desires!

This might not be an overnight process, and it’s very helpful to start with a smaller scope– my 3 month desires, my big plans for the week, etc. — before you launch into a 5-year plan!

See your progress. Really see it.

One of the reasons I’d doubt myself or quit on things was that I couldn’t see progress. I was looking only for the end result and anything less was just… terrible.

If you’ve got big things to do, note every single step forward you take.

Some days may not feel like forward motion, but note every single win.

As the saying goes, “Everyone starts with an audience of 0.” There’s no shame in being at the starting line.

The question is: Will you celebrate with an audience of 5 or 10 people, or will you only celebrate when there are thousands?

If you’ll only be happy with the biggest wins, you might want to ask yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing, because if you don’t love it enough to celebrate the small wins and the small crowds, chances are you might not love it enough with a big crowd, either.

Pay attention to all your progress and really celebrate!

Make space in your days to stay fulfilled in all ways (*see this post on Living Richly)

If you want to cultivate more self-confidence and trust in your inner guidance, clear away the noise of life and immerse yourself in more self-care.

Plan goals further out into the distance.

I know people who don’t want to win an award at their job until they’re at the end of their career because it means they’ve reached the top and they don’t know what comes next.

We can do this in so many ways: not wanting to finish the painting because what if there’s not another good idea after this one, holding ourselves back because once we accomplish what’s in front of us we might not have anything else to do.

Plan goals further out in the future — things that you want just as much as you want the ones that are in front of you.

You might want these future ones even more. (That’s always a great place to be.)

You’ll always have something to look forward to. You’ll always have a next mountain to climb. You’ll always be thinking bigger in all ways.

Stay uncluttered and you’ll be able to navigate better.

It’s incredibly hard to hear your intuition when it’s buried in chaos.

Keep your home clear, your technology organized, your mind clear and your life free of needless drama.

With all this clear space and activated energy in your life, the doors will always be open to welcome in abundance and you’ll know when you’re on the right track, blazing trails forward with confidence!



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