What Is The BodyTalk System? An Expert Explains The Way This Fascinating Wellness Modality Works!

Mar 15, 2021 | Feng Shui 101, Sensory Goodness

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If you’re new here, you may not know that I spend a large part of my days working with energy, art and homes… and the rest of it doing things (including every energy-shifting modality that has fascinated me) to expand myself and have more to share with all of you to make your lives more abundant in all ways.

That said, every so often, I need actual help with balancing physical things in my body– be it with my acupuncturist, nutritional shifts or my medical doctor. And, when, quite recently, all my usual A-team of geniuses was either not available or unable to solve what was going on, I turned to Aniko Fisch for BodyTalk sessions via Zoom. I figured it couldn’t hurt and maybe could help me.

It was an experience way beyond anything I expected.

Actually, Aniko’s work transcends just BodyTalk– she works with nutrition, energetic healing and a very long list of other modalities– but I imagine you don’t even know what BodyTalk is at the moment. Aniko will explain all of that today!

First, I will say that while I’m not a doctor or a healer and I do not dispense medical advice, I will share my experience. Within one session of BodyTalk 6 months ago followed by a daily at-home exercise my body stayed pretty well balanced after a weeks of night terrors and exhaustion that were very unlike me. Recently– 6 months later— I did another session to address the creeping back of some exhaustion for a totally different reason. I was feeling better by the end of the session, and it keeps getting better.

I don’t know if you’ll have my level of astonishing results– we’re all different and some things that work for my friends aren’t as life-changing for me– but I do know that there’s a good chance you’ve never heard about BodyTalk so it hasn’t even been an option to explore.

So, on that note…I’ll let Aniko take it from here!

If you can share a bit about your background, that’s an amazing place to start.

Aniko: I started my journey in the health and healing world with my passion for food. I was lucky enough to grow up in a household where healing foods were used as the primary remedies for any ailment. My fascination with the transformative powers of food led me to study holistic nutrition and eating psychology, as a way to help people build a better relationship with their bodies and experience vibrant health. But after working with clients, I began to see firsthand how healthy eating is only a small part of the key to lasting health. This brought me down a path of mind-blowing exploration into the world of quantum biology and energy medicine. After training in a few different types of energy techniques, my life took an unexpected turn when I started to experience a debilitating chronic mystery illness that stumped doctors and other health practitioners, and left me “out of commission” for several years. Through my journey back to health, I gained an entirely new perspective on why the human body expresses imbalance through dis-ease. The modalities that I discovered along the way, and that had the most profound effect on my healing journey, (BodyTalk being one of the main ones), are what I now use in my practice to help clients restore vibrant health.

How is it that lots of people don’t know about BodyTalk?

That’s a really good question! It’s something that I asked myself when I first discovered it, too.

Perhaps one of the reasons is because it is such a unique system of healing. It’s actually quite hard to describe it or “fit into a box” with other modalities. BodyTalk is a truly holistic system: it looks at the body as a whole, and addresses all aspects of the bodymind complex simultaneously: the mental, emotional, physical, and energetic aspects. I think the way most of us approach healthcare (even those who look for alternative methods) is quite compartmentalized: we go to talk therapy for the mental/emotional bodies, we go to a bodyworker or nutritionist for the physical body, and we go to an energy practitioner for the energetic body. With this kind of compartmentalized approach, it might not occur to people to look for a healing system that focuses on combining all these aspects.

BodyTalk is also based on the principle from quantum physics that our consciousness creates our reality and impacts our physiology. Although this is becoming a more widely accepted idea, the concept that there are beliefs and unresolved emotions underlying all physical imbalance or dis-ease might be a hard pill for some to swallow. The people who are just looking for quick, external fixes won’t find that through BodyTalk. Therefore, it might not cross their path.

However, I do think that as more and more people start to look at their bodies as a product of their thoughts, beliefs, BodyTalk and other methods of consciousness-based healing will grow in popularity.

Lastly, what I noticed about most BodyTalk practitioners I know, is that they do very little self-promotion or marketing. The method has been so life-changing and powerful for so many of their clients, that the practitioners get a vast majority of their new clients from client referrals and word of mouth. BodyTalk seems to be one of those modalities that magically appears on people’s paths when they are ready to go deeper on their healing journey.

What brought you to BodyTalk?

I found BodyTalk while I was healing from a debilitating chronic mystery illness that no one seemed to be able to explain. I was given the lyme disease label, as well as adrenal fatigue, heavy metal toxicity, and Epstein Barr virus. But none of these results were conclusive, and they often left me feeling more confused than before getting diagnosed. At that point, I had already been unwell for over 2 years, and had tried more healing modalities than I’d like to admit. Although I was a bit more “functional” at that point than I had been at the start of the health challenge, I still felt far from having the health, vibrancy, and “normal” life that I had known prior to becoming ill. I was still spending most days in bed, and was planning my life around how I felt each day. One day, while I was at a seminar for BioGeometry (which I highly recommend checking out!), a woman who I had never met before randomly came up to me and started talking to me. She started telling me all about my health situation, and all the unresolved emotional events I had experienced that were contributing to my physical state. She knew absolutely nothing about me, yet everything she said about me was spot-on. It turns out that she was a BodyTalk practitioner. She concluded by telling me about BodyTalk, and how she felt it could really help me in ways that other modalities so far weren’t able to do.

Interestingly, she directed me to a different practitioner, as it wasn’t coming up as a priority for me to work with her specifically. (More on this concept of “priority’ later). I booked an online session with a BodyTalk practitioner in NY the next day, and had a profound experience. It was the first time I experienced immediate and major relief from symptoms. As I continued to receive sessions and saw how much I was healing, (not only physically but also mentally and emotionally), I knew that I needed to study and become certified so that I could help others experience this life-changing method.

What is the premise behind it and how it works?

The main premise behind BodyTalk is the idea that our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and memories act as filters that impact us on a physiological level and shape the way we experience life. This isn’t a bad thing in and of itself. But it becomes problematic when these beliefs, emotions, and traumatic memories aren’t fully released or processed within the bodymind, and are stored as strong emotional charges in our fields. These charges act as distortions that impede the flow of the body’s self-healing life-force energy.Therefore, one of the main goals of BodyTalk is to neutralize the charge around these distortions, so that the body can heal exactly as it was designed to do.

Another underlying principle in this system is that everything functions according to dynamic interaction with everything else. Rather than looking at the body as independent parts, and symptoms as independent symptoms, the practitioner understands that every single part of the body (both physical and energetic) interacts with and is reliant on every other part for its own proper functioning. Another principle in BodyTalk is that the body is holographic in nature: if there is a distortion in one part of the body, that change is reflected energetically throughout the entire body. Therefore, if healing occurs in one part of the body, this healing gets reflected in the entire system.

The BodyTalk practitioner acts as an intermediary between the client and his or her own innate healing wisdom. Through intuitive testing and muscular biofeedback, the practitioner is able to get a sense of where there are breakdowns in communication within the client’s system. These imbalances  are highlighted during the session so that the client’s innate healing wisdom can address them. Once these breakdowns and imbalances have been found, and a story (or formula, as we call it) emerges, the practitioner then uses specific non-invasive balancing techniques to restore harmony and establish better communication between these parts.

One aspect of BodyTalk that sets it apart from most other healing modalities, is that it focuses on priority. The noticeable physical symptoms that we experience are usually the body’s last-ditch effort to get our attention. There is usually a build-up of subtler imbalances that occurred before the more obvious physical symptoms manifested. Instead of focusing solely on the symptom that the client is concerned about, the practitioner tunes in to see what the client’s innate wisdom wants to prioritize first in order for deeper, more lasting healing to unfold.

What can BodyTalk be used for?

BodyTalk can really be used for anything— it is extremely versatile. It can be used as a stand-alone method for healing, but it also works really well as a complementary system to support other methods of healing, be they from the energetic, naturopathic, or allopathic systems.

Many people use BodyTalk to maintain overall wellbeing, and to keep the body and mind resilient to daily stressors. Other people use it for very targeted reasons: speeding up the healing of an injury or an infection, decreasing anxiety, eliminating chronic pain, improving insomnia, etc. BodyTalk can also have very profound effects on more serious illness, such as cancer, diabetes, or other chronic illness. Since consciousness is at the root of imbalance and illness,  it would make sense that addressing illness at that level can facilitate major healing —no matter how far down the line the symptoms have progressed.

Things came up during my sessions that I was least expecting that have been definitely life changing. I started really working out— training— for the first time in years after my first session. Its reimagining my relationship with my body.  Do you find that happens: people come to you for one thing but a whole matrix of other very specific things come up?

YES! This is a beautiful observation, and one that speaks so strongly to a couple of the main philosophies of this system: that everything is interconnected and holographic in nature, and that when we start to make changes and heal in one area, all other parts of our bodies and our lives start to reflect those healing changes as well.

What have you seen in terms of results for other people? (Ive religiously done my exercise youve given me daily and its amazing!) 

I have seen such an amazing array of results. The results that tend to be more immediate in clients, (ie. noticeable by the end of the session) are the following: deep sense of calm and inner peace, an emotional release that results in a feeling of lightness and relief, color coming back to the face, looking more vibrant, feeling more energized, symptoms that were there at the start of the session significantly decreased, brain fog cleared, clarity about a situation that was previously causing them distress, and more…

The more long-term results I’ve seen have varied from physical changes such as more energy, weight loss, healing of heart conditions such as arrhythmia, healing of digestive issues, normalized blood pressure, healing of fibroids, improved PMS symptoms, and faster injury healing, to more emotional changes, such as improved relationships, decreased anxiety and depression, more joy, increased confidence, deeper self-love, etc.

I first used it on my pets, long before I met you, but had no clue how to do for myself (*what I did was very basic with my dog). Can you talk a bit about how it can be applied to animals?

Animals can respond extremely well to the BodyTalk balancing techniques. A big reason for this is because they don’t have all the mental and emotional blockages that humans have. They are so much purer in that regard, and can receive energy balancing without heavy belief systems getting in the way of that energy flow. They are also much more tapped into their own innate self-healing mechanisms. BodyTalk techniques can really help to remind the animal’s system that it knows exactly what to do to heal itself.

If an animal is not healing from BodyTalk (or from any other method, for that matter), I would say that we really need to be looking at the owner’s imbalances, not the animal’s.

Domesticated animals act as buffers for their owners. They are so selfless, that they take on the energies and emotional stresses of their owners to prevent their owners from getting too overwhelmed or sick. I would say that if someone’s pet is experiencing some sort of recurring distress that seems to keep coming back even after balancing techniques, this is pointing to something that’s going on within the owner that needs to be addressed first. It is very common for clients who start to experience healing from their own BodyTalk sessions to see their animals heal from their issues as well. This happened with me and my dog, for instance! She is healthier and happier now than she has been in several years. Animals are our mirrors!

How can people find you?

People can find me at my website: innerthrivewellness.com, or they can email me directly at aniko@innerthrivewellness.com .

Thank you so much Aniko! I’m so excited and grateful to be able to share this with everyone!  xoxo!!! Dana


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