5 Feng Shui Ways To Get The Things Done That Feel Impossible To Do!

Mar 16, 2021 | Creativity


If you’re faced with even one thing to do that feels really really hard to approach, you’ll likely find a way to avoid it if possible or you might force yourself to do it anyway.

The issue:

When you sweep it under the rug it starts becoming increasingly stressful.

When you force yourself to do it, it may not be the product you’re looking for because it’s a product that is borne of drudgery.

So, how do you get things done that feel totally impossible to do?

There are a few powerful Feng Shui shifts that can move you into far more inspired action, and that’s what we’re going to look at today!


RECHARGE. First, make sure you’re not completely exhausted. Exhaustion can become a habit and a “normal” of sorts that drains your creative reserves and leaves you feeling unwilling or actually unable to get things done.

Note: I once thought that I could power through exhaustion with lots of iced coffee and hyping myself up, but that left me even more unmoored and floating with anxiety… yet the stuff I needed to do never got done.

If you need to sleep and take a big break, please embrace this now as much as possible because it’s common to be exhausted and it can be completely life-changing to get a lot of rest.

Bonus points if you decide to quit caffeine– it was the absolute best thing I did to have more energy. (Yes, MORE energy!)

CUT OUT THE VAMPIRE VIBES. If you’re being drained by toxic energy of any kind it can similarly overwhelm your energy systems and the thought of creating or accomplishing anything significant falls to a far second place over all the negativity that can flow into your life.

HERE is an article that can be eye-opening to help you see if you’ve got vampire vibes in your life.


PLAN A GIFT FOR WHEN IT IS DONE. I routinely give myself gifts of all kinds (be it a day off or a new something I buy) when big things are finished. The most important thing is that the gift is something I deeply desire. I’m not going to be inspired by a handbag no matter how nice it is (it’s not what I’m excited about) but I am inspired by a massive book haul.

Presently I have my eye on 40 perfect condition vintage books (super inexpensive but incredibly fun) that are part of a collection I’m building, and that haul will be purchased the minute I finish one big project next week. This weekend I have another big thing to do and I’m celebrating with an evening of movies, something I never do these days!

What can you give yourself to celebrate when your job is done?

MAKE IT MORE BEAUTIFUL. The way I do my tax preparation for my accountant every year for the past few begins with finding a new color scheme for a super-well-designed template I arrange everything on. I created that Excel spreadsheet when I was procrastinating four years ago and now it’s what makes it more of a creative project to submit everything in full color and great style.

You might make your notes more beautiful with colored pens, your packages more beautiful with a simple touch of more aesthetic wrapping, your computer documents more pleasing with a new font… and that list goes on and on.

Even the simple act of dressing up before you start working can make everything more aesthetically elevated.

DECLUTTER YOUR WORKSPACE. This is the #1 way to make anything go better in a space at home. Eliminate the junky distractions and things you don’t need or want and you’ll open your workspace (whether it’s an office or your kitchen or your car) to a new realm of flowing high vibes.

All of those flowing vibes welcome in loads of abundance!

If you think of all the times you put something off and then, once you did it, you realized it was far easier or faster or even more fun than you thought— that is a GREAT reason to start whatever you need to do right now!




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