2021 Spring Equinox Feng Shui!

Mar 17, 2021 | Creativity

Welcome to a new season that’s almost here! 

It’s a season of creative awakening, stretching, growing and making the quantum leaps forward that come from finding new ways to do things that expand our lives!

Spring is a time of great blooming and activation.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy, it’s a season of forward motion, socializing, connecting to Nature and speeding up the pace of life in exciting and revitalizing ways.  

On the Equinox of March 20th we have equal amounts of light and darkness— and traditions around the world have seen this as a sign of embracing both the light and dark in our lives in order to grow.  

In Buddhist philosophy, this is a signal that cause and effect are happening at the same time.  We’re creating our lives every day in thoughts, words and actions.  

So… let’s make it all amazing! 

Making dreams come to life in Equinox time is gorgeous. 

Release stuff that you don’t need.  

It’s a great time to let go of things you don’t need or want, preparing to gift, donate or sell them.   

While you may not be able to declutter your whole home by the weekend, you can likely clear some stuff from shelves, closets and drawers that you know you are absolutely ready to let go.  

Clean something that’s due for a deep clean and activate its energy.

Spring Cleaning can be a full-home project, and every bit of it will bring you more flowing energy that is incredibly abundant.  

But, before the weekend, if you have the time, decide to deep clean something that hasn’t been cleaned in a while.  Common things we can skip over include- picture frames, doors inside your home, the shelves inside the pantry (*this can be a big project but so worthwhile to feel the results) or your table lamps that can get very dusty.  

Bonus: scrub your stove inside and out for a sparkling Feng Shui wealth enhancement in your home.  

If you haven’t started yet, the FREE Wealth Feng Shui videos to kick off the Feng Shui Cash Camp are HERE for you, too! 

Drink a whole lot of water.

In Feng Shui, Water is the element of a “fresh start.”

Being hydrated keeps our energy strong and our cells happy.  It also helps us tap into our gut feelings more, strengthening our ability to be a good antenna in life to pick up the intuitive signals we need every day to make great decisions and navigate the day brilliantly. 

Energize your water! Embrace more herbs and spices and fresh fruit this season, adding them to water and letting them infuse overnight in the refrigerator for a supercharged drink.   Mint is great with sliced strawberries, rosemary is lovely with oranges, lemon slices are fantastic with fresh ginger and you can mix up your own favorites, too! 

Get grounded.

At the Equinox we celebrate the Earth and re-connect to it’s power.

Switch off all your electronics and spend some time outside if you can.  

If you still feel “spaced out” or feel stress, try hugging yourself by wrapping your arms around you and squeezing yourself tight. Do this a few times and see if it helps you feel more present. Self-love is super-grounding! 

Make a Nature Mandala. 

This is a great project to do with kids, too.  It’s meditative and it can be a beautiful way to reinforce your wishes and intentions with creativity and Nature’s power.  

–Set an intention for the mandala– perhaps it is a celebration of love, a tribute to a goal you have or a wish for more world peace.  Whatever is meaningful to you will be the best theme. 

–Head outside to gather up leaves, stones, shells, flower petals and other bits of nature as your “art materials.”

–Now, make your mandala, arranging them all in circles as pictured above, but in your own patterns as you go. Relax into the process, and add special touches that feel best to you.  

–Because this is temporary art, you may want to make it outside or on a table where you can leave it for a day or two and then bring all the components back out to Nature. 

–Take a photo when you’re done so you can commemorate your mandala of the Spring Equinox. And, if you made it with someone in mind, send them the photo, too! 

Add sparks of fresh energy at home with more light. 

Light a few candles around the house on Saturday if you can. Or turn on an extra light. 

As the season progresses, open up blinds and windows to let more sun shine into your house every day.  That sunlight is filled with rainbows of energy.

You can even grab a red pen to write out your dreams and goals, bringing more magnetism to your wish list with fiery color! 

Write our your goals and wishes. 

Whether or not you use a red pen, write out all your deepest desires on a big list.  These Equinox wishes and intentions are thought to be superpowered! 

As you write out each dream, wish or goal on your Spring list, feel it in your body.  

If you come upon any stuck emotions as you write:  shake out your hands and try this: 

Sit down and cross your arms and your legs and breathe for a few minutes.  It syncs up / lights up the mind. You can also take a walk to get the same mind-activating effects.    

When you’re ready, sit down and write. 

Write all your Spring visions in clear details on paper, writing until you feel truly excited and ready to accept all the great stuff you’re putting on paper into your life!  

Literally, plant some seeds!  

If you have some seeds to plant, plant some this Saturday!  

Just like you “plant the seeds” of dreams and goals in your life when you visualize them and write them on paper, planting seeds for the season is a beautiful way to connect to the energy of growth and renewal in Spring. 

People have done this at the start of the Feng Shui Cash Camp and they’ve seen their wishes fulfilled as their flowers bloomed!

If you want to take this to the next level:  plant your Spring wish list (fold up the piece of paper and plant it!) in the soil along with your seeds! 

And, if you’re not set up to grow seeds at the moment, you can also grab some new houseplants (or clippings from friends that you can re-pot at home).  Or, water the plants you have and care for them. 

Spring into action!  

Exercise gets the flow of greatness going both in life and in your brain itself, sparking more genius.  

–Stretching in ways that feel great stretches your sense of possibility.
–Working on balancing exercises in dance classes, yoga or other movement practices can help you to balance and center your life. 
–Aerobic exercises expand your mind as they increase your circulation. 
–Strength training can strengthen your focus and determination, too. 

When you’re in any type of motion, you’re building momentum and that momentum will make you unstoppable! 

Fill your home and life with more bright, high vibes. Stay connected to Nature as well as your true Nature.  

The more your creativity and personality– your uniqueness and genius– shine every day, the more you’ll see your life expand in fantastic ways! 

Have a gorgeous Equinox this weekend!  



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