The Magnetic And Prosperous Power Of Enjoying Your Life Fully!

Mar 23, 2021 | Creativity

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The greatest prosperity tip know is a simple one. 

I’m a believer in all kinds of creativity, initiative and action– doing the work and earning your accolades.

I’m also a believer in mental health, physical health and energy– loving your life and the great adventure of it all.

These things are not mutually exclusive. You can work a whole lot and enjoy it tremendously and feel well in all ways. You can be super healthy, mindful and epically productive.

Today, we’re going to talk about the magnetic magic of enjoying your life fully and doing far less to achieve much more.

I never trusted in the advice that said to “take it easy,” and “don’t be so hard on yourself.” I would roll my eyes when people would suggest I take a vacation or get more hobbies. I prided myself on the fact that no one would work as hard as I would for the things that I wanted.

But, if you’re already working really hard and you feel you need to keep firing just as hard out of necessity day in and day out and you’re not even remotely where you want to be in your vision of success– this is where things get tricky.

I see and hear this every day and I have lived this, too.

I was raised to believe that this was the #1 and only way to have any kind of success and stability— non-stop, hard-driving, endlessly stressful, level 10 work. And, as much of it as possible.

That’s how I became extremely sick, imbalanced and chronically unhappy.

The kicker: I also stopped seeing success come my way.

In this state of mind, it’s hard to rest, enjoy life much or take breaks without guilt, which makes them far less restorative and fun.

And then, many of the things on the list above creep in– like the constant exhaustion, anxiety and a wave of run down dark clouds creep in.

I wasn’t charismatic, witty, flexible, open-hearted or creative.

I was like a robot that had aches and pains at a very young age and no joy in my life at all.

But, when the success stopped coming, I was shook.

It was the only way I knew to be up until that point in my life but my body was breaking down, my will to push myself was gone and I was totally spent.

So, I surrendered.

I didn’t give up. I gave in to the wise voices that advised me to have friends over for dinners, take vacations, stop working after a certain hour and start putting my spiritual, mental and physical wellness first.

I was expecting very little, but I had no more “fight” in me.

I started to rise.

In so many ways, the success that alluded me started flowing in, one opportunity after the next.

I finally felt I had my magic back.

But, I’ll admit… as soon as I felt sparkly and new the old habits came knocking at my door tempting me to work all night long and revel in self-criticism and all the stuff that used to push me to the brink of total meltdown.

I’d remind myself (and still do) that this is the path that leads away from success.

Sometimes, I get so “busy” doing what I love that my sleep slides, my days fill up and I start to feel that familiar old feeling…

That’s when you won’t see my on the blog for a handful of days, because I’ve dialed back to super-basic self care.

So, it’s not like this workaholic/ hustling/ hard-driving habit totally fades away from many of us. But, we can catch it quickly when it comes back to visit and send it on its way.

Investing in your rest and renewal is glorious.

You’ll likely feel incredible — more vibrant, more magnetic, more inspired, more loved, more joyful, more creative, more flexible, and more– when you put your true wellness first in all ways.

And, after seeing this happen for hundreds of people over the years– as well as for myself– you’ll likely have a lot more manifesting power and success in the ways you define it, too.

It’s time to thrive and prosper at the same time.

It’s not only possible, it’s quite easy with this ultra-basic prosperity tip, otherwise known as “enjoying every day”! 



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