The Full Moon In Libra Is An Abundant Joy Booster!

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The Full Moon in Libra this Sunday, March 28th is overwhelmingly excellent. 

There are all kinds of mystical configurations in the sky that come along with this very bright Full Moon– a Grand Trine, a Kite, a Stellium– and if you don’t know what any of these things are, that’s OK.  The big news here is that there’s a dazzling amount of perfectly proportioned light, love and harmony lining up in the cosmos. 

The themes are as divine as the rare mix of Moon aspects– 

Balancing your life so that everything flows with ease.  Loving yourself in active ways that transform your habits and make you glow.  Becoming more of the creator of your life and the maker of your own luck.  Moving forward with purpose, passion and grounded power guiding you toward your goals.  

And, some astrologers say that big breakthroughs that lift you higher may arrive around this weekend, too!   

The Feng Shui for this big, brilliant Full Moon is all about aligning your life in the most fulfilling, love-filled and prosperous ways!  

Affirm your greatness.  

Abraham Hicks encourages everyone to remind themselves:  “Everything is always working out for me.”  

It’s always great to have a personal mantra.  Whether you repeat all day long, “Everything is always working out for me.” Or, “I am a magnet for love and abundance.” Or, “amazing things are about to happen.” Or… anything else you can dream up that feels incredible…say it often and say it until you really feel it!

These affirmative reminders can become practiced beliefs as well as self-fulfilling prophesies!  So, write yourself a personal affirmation that feels incredible, and let it be part of the rhythm of your life.  

This Moon has a lot of resonance with the saying “thoughts become things,” so if you want to make awesome things happen, you can even put your affirmation on a sticky note at your computer, in your car or other places where you spend lots of time to amplify it even more! 

Balance your space to stay more balanced in life.  

Spring Cleaning is always in season, but this Spring the idea is to clean your house with joy and even some anticipation of the wonderful things on the way to you. 

There’s an energy of “awakening” in Spring and as we move into more action, the very basic act of cleaning helps to create the ideal environment to receive all kinds of amazing new opportunities, ideas and abundance.  

Do some energy clearing to open up to new energy.  Balance the vibes at home with the power of Nature.  

–Open some windows for fresh air.  

–Diffuse essential oils if you have them at home.  I love all-purpose lavender and bright oils like lemon and orange, but you can diffuse any oils that make you feel amazing.  

–Put a few bowls of sea salt out around your house this weekend– particularly in spaces that feel heavy or stuck–  and leave them for a few days before you dump the salt and take the trash out. It can be an excellent way to do energetic space clearing! 

Detox your home routine with simple shifts that can make your home feel even fresher. 

–A simple habit like taking your shoes off before you enter the house can cut down on tons of toxins that get carried into your home from outside.

–A purifying filter for your shower water can be extra-fantastic for skin and hair, especially if you have hard water where you live.  

–A great air purifier, or even a great vacuum used more often, can cut down on Spring allergens at home, too.  

This is definitely an excellent moon to make some extra Moon Water to use in the month ahead.  

Moon Water captures the essence of the Moon’s energy and allows you to bring those frequencies to your space even long after the moon has passed.  

I explain this often in these notes, but for anyone who has missed how to make Moon Water:

Fill jars or containers with lids with water (I use Mason Jars). Set an intention that the water will absorb the energy of the Moon. Leave them outside where they’ll be under the Moon’s influence (or in a windowsill if there’s no outdoor option) and let them fill up with moon vibes.  And then bring them inside after the Full Moon to use!  

You can use the water for house cleaning, watering plants, taking baths and so much more!  

Become even more of your own best friend and champion.  

We started by talking about your personal affirmations, and now let’s take it a step further: 

Being “hard on yourself” isn’t the success strategy that likely serves you the best.    

I know that there are so many ways we can absorb the messages that the only way to succeed is to push ourselves to the brink of total exhaustion, the only way to be accepted is to be perfect by other people’s standards, etc, etc.–  and this brings so much more pressure to life that is draining and counter-productive. 

Instead: be your own champion.  

Eliminate habits that are borne out of trying to do too much life-optimization, or trying so hard to succeed that it’s incredibly stressful. Even ditching one habit that stresses you out can be life-changing.  

If you want to take it to the next level, make a list of ways you’ve felt needlessly stressed and pressured on Sunday (including all the ways you might be pressuring yourself) and ceremoniously shred that list as you dedicate yourself to more of the things that make you happier. 

Joy is the greatest “success” energy, and the more you lean into joy, the more you’ll see the benefits echo through your whole life.   

Bring more flow to your creativity by finding balance.  

We need both Yin and Yang– a balance of energy in our own best ways– to thrive with more ease and momentum. 

–Do you need more energy, passion, socializing, action, bright light and bright color in your days right now to inspire you? If so, what are some easy ways you can bring in more of this energy?


–Do you need more rest, alone time, total relaxation, dimmed light and plush textures like thick blankets or a soft robe at the moment to help you feel amazing?  If so, what are some easy ways you can bring in more of this energy? 

Sometimes it’s the smallest shifts (wearing more bright colors for a surge of active energy, putting a cuddly throw blanket on the sofa to curl up in at night) can be total game-changers! 

Move forward with new and elevated perspective.  

As the saying goes, “old ways won’t open up new doors.” 

Find new ways to do things that you do every day that feel a little bit more like magic.

You might do chores while listening to your favorite disco music, clean the house while dancing around the house, cook with a sense of alchemy while adding new spices and flavors to everything, take walks that feel more like a meditation as you pay closer attention to the sounds and sights around you…

It’s the way you do these everyday things that will influence how you approach the big things in your life, too– like finding big solutions and new paths forward, taking creative leaps and making your dreams become a reality!

Remember how amazing you are.

Bring more joy and harmony to your home.  

Bring more joy to life and eliminate needless stress. 

Find more dynamic balance in every day. 

And, keep on creating life in your best ways!

All this rich and blissful sensory living opens up life to way more love and abundance. 

It is time to shine! 

Have an ultra-gorgeous Full Moon weekend ahead!  



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