The Magic of Bringing More Clarity to Your Home, Your Mind and Your Life!

Apr 6, 2021 | Creativity

This is something I haven’t had an eye on for a while in my life. When things move fast I move with them and the last calendar year that feels like it was 12 years long has been a rapid pace. And then, I found myself sitting on the couch without a single new or unique or exciting thought that I could discern.

I lost my sense of clarity. It got blurred in all the action without breaks, in all the piles of information streaming in and in all the changes that were being made that slowly but surely detached my life from a clear vision of what I was creating next,

Getting clear again is, in itself, a massive life change. I feel lighter, more effective, more purposeful and more unique.

Yes, more unique.

Clarity in the space around you, clarity in your truest desires and clarity in the ways you use your time are ways to become far more self-expressed and far more inimitably YOU!

So, let’s look at three ways clarity manifests in life and how you get more of it for yourself starting right now!

Without clarity in your home, everything can feel like a mix of dull, confusing and stuck.

The simple act of washing dishes, mopping the floors or scrubbing the stovetop can bring you more sharp, dimensional, richly elevating energy.

As you take it to the next level and organize– finding a home for everything in your home– you can feel the synergy as you even glance at a room!

Without clarity in your mind, it’s easy to get swept away on tangents and/or stuck in a cycle of doing many of the same things over and over.

Creative blocks are not something I care to dwell on or philosophize about. I am all about sweeping them away, and that usually goes hand-in-hand with sweeping away distractions and giving yourself time to recharge.

Shut off the phone notifications. Put your phone away if you can! Create a clean slate mentally with more meditation, a new schedule for your days or by writing a giant to-do list that takes all the noise out of your head and puts it on paper when it can be sorted without whirlwinds of overwhelm.

Without clarity in your lifestyle/ schedule/ how you invest your energy, even the most crystal clear thoughts and perfectly Feng Shui’d spaces can’t make up for time and energy that gets drained away.

Time to rest is clarifying. Time for joy is clarifying.

Decide what is worth your energy and what you want to really focus on more of the time every day. You can’t control all things, but you do have choices to make all day long about where you want to make investments.

All three never need to be perfect, nor will they be.

Just the aware that clarity matters– that you have an aim, a purpose, a mission even if it’s just for the day or the hour to guide you– and you’ll see when you’re floundering or spinning in circles or utterly unmotivated or exhausted and underwhelmed by the results of whatever you’re doing that the answers may be found by getting more clear.

Take the time if you can to rest, to re-think, to recalibrate, to brainstorm and to feel totally revitalized.

These ah-ha moments of realization flow freely if you allow them in.

And, that added clarity can be the key to your biggest breakthroughs.



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