New Moon in Aries Feng Shui!

Apr 9, 2021 | Creativity

The New Moon this Sunday, April 11th is overflowing with excellence and truly thrilling energy. 

Let’s start today with a simple question: If you could have anything you want, what would it be?

The New Moon in Aries poses that question, and then helps you to leap into the most inspired action to bring it to life!

The themes of this Moon are off-the-charts brilliant:

Major, magnetic, dynamic, passionate and purposeful manifesting power. Multiplying all that manifesting power with more clarity, more focus and more fun.  Setting yourself up in every way to make major life breakthroughs in the months ahead.  Beautifying your home and life to feel the joy echoing through every day.  

The Feng Shui for the Aries New Moon is all about tapping into your deepest desires and preparing for great big life expansion! 

Create a solid foundation at home to welcome in more of what you want.  

Your home is a constant reminder to you of what is happening in your life, so the very simple act of cleaning up a bit can be a game-changer for your mindset every day. 

Your home is also a big energy system that’s influencing your energy and emotions all day long, so the more your home shines, the easier it is for you to stay shining.  

–If you have clutter to clear, now is a great time to continue the Spring Cleaning and start shredding, donating, gifting and eliminating what you truly don’t need or want. 

–If you are ready for more grounding, it’s time to sweep, vacuum and mop to make your floors sparkle. 

–If you are feeling like it’s time for an upgrade, look through your home and make one small upgrade that can change the way you feel completely in a room in your home.  

Getting a proper ergonomic desk chair if you’ve been working at home can be a giant transformation for your work space.  Getting fresh new sheets if yours are well-worn can change your sleep experience.  Even a new welcome mat at your door can be a huge shift, welcoming in new energy! 

Use some fire vibes to set amazing things in motion.  

Lighting a favorite candle before you meditate or while you kick back and relax at the end of the day, can be a cleansing and invigorating multi-sensory experience. 

Wearing brighter colors can put a whole new feeling of dynamism into play, even if you don’t leave the house much.  Color is energy, and those bright, rich colors can be excellent to re-calibrate your own energy.  

Pulling out a pile of compelling books to read, queuing up a play list of fantastic podcasts, signing up for lectures— these are sure-fire ways to wake up the fire energy in your days, too!  

Create fresh perspective, simply and beautifully. 

Re-style something in your house that often stays the same, and you’ll gain a more expanded and inspiring viewpoint.  

You might: hang art in new places, shuffle things on the walls, re-organize a bookshelf, re-vamp a shelf, style your nightstands with fresh flowers or add plants to your desk. Clearing the kitchen counter tops or re-thinking the way your pantry is organized can give you a new feeling of excitement when you cook.  

There are no limits to what you can style in a new way to bring a sense of renewal to your home and life.  

Make your New Moon wish list for the month ahead with the greatest grounded clarity as your guide! 

When you really, truly and deeply want things, you’ll invest a whole lot more of your talent, genius and spirit into making them happen. Chances are you’ll stretch out of your comfort zone to make them happen. You might even make the wildest and most perfect intuitive decisions and take the creative risks that revolutionize your whole life.  

Desire is incredibly powerful.  And, you can’t really fake it, force it or talk yourself into it.  Desire is a full-body, total-energy, passionate experience.  

This Aries New Moon shines a light on desire and clarifying your desires so that they can manifest abundantly!

In the wise words of Germany Kent, “Never underestimate the power you have to take your life in a new direction.” 

If you’re ready to dream bigger or access more of your intuition— 

Use a journal to tap into your intuition.  

If you’re looking for more clarity, sit down with a journal and free write the thoughts in your mind, dumping them on the page to fill a few pages and get into a flow.  The key here is to shut off your thinking mind and just let your pen or pencil flow freely.  

When you’re ready, start writing yourself questions.  You can ask anything: what to focus on, what to eat more of, how to solve a problem, where to move… Anything!

Write out your first question and let yourself flow onto the page whatever comes through.  Don’t censor, question or try to make this a literary exercise.  Just write. 

Move through all your questions for the day, then review everything and see what insights you can act upon!

You can do this exercise every day, or for several days in a row when you’re looking to build more momentum and access wisdom from your inner guidance. 

If you want to explore even more ways to manifest what you want using a journal, THIS video is a great resource!

Spend time with trees or near some water to get centered. 

Head to a park, into your backyard under a tree, to the beach or to a lake and immerse yourself in the centering, refueling power of Nature.  

Water and wood energy are filled with creative potential that we can tap into at any time.  

If you don’t have easy access to Nature right now, take baths or showers with the intention of connecting more to the cleansing, revitalizing power of water. 

Weave more time in Nature into your days to stay refreshed, grounded and rooted in your most creative self!

Now, write your wish list for the month from your heart… and set it into motion!!!

Make your Intentions for the month as clear, as riveting and as big as possible to feel truly excited about each and every one of them. 

–Write them down definitively, feeling the power of each word you put on paper.  

–Include lots of personal desires– maybe you want to get more sleep, embrace more self-care, get into hobbies, take classes for your own growth and joy, move past a personal fear, read books for pleasure or anything else— as well as the work goals you want to accomplish or achieve.  When you feel amazing, everything is much more amazing!

–And… decide to move this list into action right now!

This weekend and the week ahead is thought by many astrologers to have double, or triple or even more vastly multiplied manifesting power.  So, lean into that exciting energy to jump start all of your dreams coming true!

Create fresh space at home.  

Beautify that space in simple ways, using what you have and making it even more amazing. 

Connect to the magic of nature and the magic of your intuition. 

Dream so big, bright, bold and richly that you feel the energy of your wishes infused in your days. 

And, then, take the small steps forward — as well as big creative leaps– that make you feel more confident, magnetic and ready to manifest all kinds of abundance!

Enjoy it all and have a gorgeous New Moon weekend ahead!



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