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Apr 13, 2021 | Creativity


It’s a season to make breakthroughs– the Feng Shui Breakthrough Camp season– and I can’t help anyone with breakthroughs if I’m not in the zone.

So, given I’m in the midst of all this amping up energy, I thought it would be a perfect time to talk about the Feng Shui energy shifts that can set you on a path to level up your life in a sustainable way.

Sustainable is the key– having a momentary boost is always fun, but we are here looking to use our energy to make lasting changes.

So, let’s get started!

First, let things go. Really go deep.

Using myself as an example today, I went into the doggie storage and found a pile of clothes they don’t wear, great toys they don’t play with and more– and after washing it all I’m ready to give a big gift to someone for their fur baby. This is something I’d overlook in everyday life, focused on the desk, the closets, the pantry, the drawers– but wow did it make a difference.

Look everywhere– the closets, drawers, storage furniture, TV console, the refrigerator– and find spots you can tackle that haven’t been touched in a while or seem to yell for your attention.

This is a catalyst like none other! It will bring more focus, clarity and lightness of being to every day.

Dig into anything that needs refurbishing.

Is it time to touch up the paint on the windowsill, get the wax off the candlesticks, superglue the broken bit that snapped off of something, oil the hinges or dry clean the bedding?

Or… just about anything else?

These simple fixes build momentum and get you in the frame of energy and mind to TRANSFORM things. Using this magic wand of transformational power and seeing it is action is so refreshing and exciting!

Identify even one thing that brings you more energy and do it consistently!

For me, I realized that liquid Vitamin B-12, morning showers (as opposed to baths), free-writing in a journal (see the Morning Pages post HERE) and bouncing on my rebounder trampoline are massive energizers.

There’s no good reason why I don’t do them every day because they are all very simple and don’t take much time. So, when I made a commitment to leveling up my own creative life, I started all of the above as a daily, not-to-be-missed practice.

This isn’t forced: it’s all simple and fun.

So, don’t pick things that are incredibly hard. Go for the easy stuff that you may have done for a season, thrived with and then sort of fell away from. Or, pick things you sometimes manage to sneak in but don’t always remember.

Your commitment is the secret here. Not committing to the habits, but, rather, committing to feel better, better and better!!!

Sleep much more.

If you aren’t sleeping enough or feel even lingering tired when you wake up, sleep more and you’ll be energetically prepared in a week or so to start visioning a whole new paradigm for yourself.

I have a toothbrush that works OK when it’s losing charge but works phenomenally well when it’s fully charged.

Same goes for me. And likely you, too.

Sleeping a lot more isn’t high mysticism. It’s ultra-basic. But it can move you from OK in your thoughts, in your creativity, in your ideas and your sharpness, mood, outlook, sparkle…. all the way to phenomenal!!!

Now, get started on your vision for the next wave of life!

This is where you’ll find new ideas flowing effortlessly to you, wld insights popping and all kinds of magic and synchronicity in the air. In this place, you can start envisioning new goals, new methods, new adventures, new missions…

… and, when you’re that in sync with your deepest desires, they tend to come together far more often and much faster!



P.S.: This season, there’s an eight-week online Feng Shui Camp coming soon to organize and energize your home and life to create breakthroughs: The Breakthrough Camp!


Chakra, Wheel of Life with silhouette of woman in lotus position


It’s Feng Shui to align your energy and your home so that you can manifest more of what you want on a higher level with greater ease!

If you’re ready for breakthroughs, they’re ready for you!

To kick things off, the FREE Feng Shui video series to set up your home to create breakthroughs is on the way!

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