Six Small Home Projects That Can Supercharge Your Home Vibes!

Apr 13, 2021 | Creativity

(christian mackie)

A big change can often be initiated by the smallest of actions.

Lately, I’ve been experiencing waves of fresh energy from little projects done with love. And, as I feel the energy rising around me, it is impossible to ignore the ways this energy been helping me come to life in fresh ways.

Here are a handful of small home energy projects that might inspire you make a little shift or two of your own that has epic results!

(christian mackie)

Turning the cloudy juicer and blender to crystal clear!

While I love the feeling of a freshly gleaming bathroom on a regular basis, I found a new rewarding space to shine:

The blender and juicer containers that get a foggy film of minerals over them that typical scrubbing could not solve.

What made the blender and juicer sparkle again?

Baking soda, vinegar, water. All following the video above.

Ahhhh it’s so amazing!

(I’m obsessed with all the fabulous plant pots I’ve been finding!)

Fabulous new plant pots that are bigger and more functional, too!

Your plants need room to grow. Grab bigger pots and lots of potting soil. It’s time to get growing!

The huge issue I see almost everywhere I go is that plants have become “root bound” and desperately in need of room to grow! Consistently move plants into bigger and bigger pots as they start to outgrow their present homes and you’ll see just how much more they thrive with more soil rich nutrients and more space to stretch out!


Charging up crystals with new intention.

Crystals are energetic objects that need to be charged up with good vibes just like your phone needs a good charge before you leave the house for the day. The thing is– we usually remember to charge the phone but… the crystals often sit untouched.

Here is my favorite way to charge up crystals with intention:


Detail your entryway.

I am always sweeping my entryway, but the time arrived for deeper cleaning– mopping, scrubbing, polishing the light fixtures and much more.

When you think of your entryway as the entry point for all energy (and abundance) into your home, how can you make it shine a little brighter?!

Washing the walls and erasing scuffs.

Most semigloss and glossy paint can be wiped clean. And, the rewards of washing your walls, if it’s possible, are far-reaching.

THIS is the most comprehensive guide I’ve found to cleaning your walls! I love the way if feels to have freshly cleaned baseboards, and fully freshened walls bring this to a new dimension.

(I love this makeup organizer)

Curating the supply drawers (doggie supplies, office supplies, makeup and more!) and actually organizing them smartly.

When you go through your drawers of supplies you might be shocked to see how much has expired, how much could use a wash (like my dog’s toys, my makeup brushes) and how much never gets used because you don’t see it all.

First, I sort through everything in storage and find what’s no longer useable, wash what’s ready for a scrub and, finally, find a new way to organize.

From clever drawer organizers to a fabulous makeup caddy, a basket for toys or a bunch of mason jars for paintbrushes and markers– there are usually an abundance of ways to make your storage much lighter, smarter and more effective.

All of the above is hardly a revolution– but the effects can be.

None of this takes much money, if any.

It does require your commitment and energy which is precious. But, you can actually multitask most of these things– listening to a podcast while cleaning, having a chat while organizing, having family time while replanting your plants, etc.

And, as I said, the results are so refreshing, you’ll be so happy you took the small amount of time for such sparkling outcomes!

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