Create A Routine To Get Into Your Most Creative Flow!

Apr 14, 2021 | Creativity

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Creativity is personal. What excites me may leave you feeling totally unmoved.

That said, there are infinite ways to activate creativity that you can customize and shape into your own routine.

Today I’m sharing some broad categories of creative activation that you can pull from to create your own inspiration ritual to expand your creative power!

Time constraints are amazing, so set a deadline.

Yes, time constraints. There is magic in setting a deadline that you must reach. When you have endless amounts of time it’s easy to be less present and sharp in the moment because, hey, you’ve got all the time in the world.

Set a deadline for your big projects. Announce it to others if it makes it even more real. Then, set deadlines for the steps to get those big projects done.

I learned by working under extreme time pressure that my best work comes from feeling motivated by time constraints but not stressed by them. Set the timeline that lights a fire under every day but not one that throws you into the flames!

Working with a coach or an accountability partner (call a friend and start!) can make this even more “real” as a deadline if you feel you might be tempted to wiggle out of your commitment.

Water is a creative activator.

Spending time by moving water can be total invigorating and it’s a “trade secret” of many writers who need to get into the flow of their work, among others.

While I love the beach, it’s not convenient for me to actually create a lot there at the moment, but it is very convenient to sit by a giant fountain nearby!

That said, you can even take more baths or swim if you can to capture more of this creative activation energy.

Even drinking more water makes a huge difference!


Add action to get all your energy systems in full motion.

This is a big one. I have a pilates class to fit in after I write this and before a class I teach in two hours.

I know the deep benefits of absolutely regular exercise because I did not do it regularly for many many years and felt the effects in my body, mind and creative spirit.

Any fully-engaging physical activity every day will make an enormous difference. I always feel it’s a bonus if I can do a workout in Nature because it makes it even more richly rewarding.

Brainstorm daily.

I like to use Morning Pages for this. You can read more about what they are and all the benefits HERE, but they are, on a basic level, very freestyle journalling.

Your brainstorm may be a team meeting, an art exercise, a meditation, a fresh way to bullet journal or anything else that stretches your perspective and helps you to catalogue lots of your genius ideas and instincts.

Sleep a lot.

I’m adding this to just about every single post from now on because the number of people I know that are sleep deprived is astonishing and when I am one of them, I am useless to create anything excellent no matter what I do to try to “get into the mood.”

Fun is a key spice in this recipe for renewed inspiration. A huge dose of fun– whether it’s laughing at stupid tv, dancing, going on an adventure and also approaching all of the above with more lightness of being– makes all the difference.

Enjoy your creative power and extending it throughout all aspects of your days. From what to eat and what to wear to the sweet note you write to someone you love, it’s all creativity. And, yes, so is all the money-making, abundance and success.

Creative energy is magnetic energy, and it’s infinitely thrilling and rewarding!



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