Are You Using Your Time In The Most Fulfilling Ways?

Apr 17, 2021 | Creativity


Time is a big topic. How you spend it, how you think about it, how you talk about it, how you plan it, if you plan it… there are so many facets of this concept of time.

I have to tell you straight away that when I see a complicated system to schedule every action in a day I shut down completely, so that’s not what we’re talking about today. Instead, I want to focus on the metric that we don’t always factor in when we talk about productivity and time management and that is: FULFILLMENT.

We all have 24 hours in a day. Some of us easily fill that time with lots of meaning, others fill that time with whatever happens, some cram in as many things to do as possible and rush through it all either by choice or necessity and others leave things wide open and wait for inspiration– or necessity– to move into action.

None of the above are “bad” or “good” ways to use time, though I will note that any of you who are over-packing your days may find that you get more done far more brilliantly if you cross a few things off your list and really enjoy your life.

The key here is that essence of fulfillment. You’ve gotten the most from each moment, whether you were walking the dogs or tackling a huge problem and you feel the satisfaction in the experience.

Fulfillment comes easiest when you’re present for this moment, right now. You’re really awake and taking it all in through all of your senses, completely. You’re immersed. You’re living it in all it’s glory.


So, if you start with more presence, chances are you’ll instantly find more fulfilling ways to spend your time.

Sleeping more, standing a bit straighter, breathing a bit more deeply when you feel your breath getting shallow, eating food that lights you up with energy– all are easy ways to feel more present in the moment.

Now, take a look at where your time is going.

While it can be fun to scroll and click through social media, or get lost in hours of binge watching, make sure you’re not using that stuff as a way to disconnect from life on a regular basis. If you are hiding out very often (and maybe too often!) in the maze of online living, you might be missing some brilliant opportunities to live in deep fulfillment, love, abundance, joy and visceral pleasures.

Also, look at where you can add more visceral pleasure to every day. Whether you get outside to hug a tree or cook the most dynamic meal that delights your whole being, more tactile creative experiences that thrill you can fill your life with joy.

While you can schedule, plan and strategize with the most high tech of all methods, I’ve found that if this key ingredient of deep fulfillment isn’t woven into every day, your schedule with lack dimension and richness.

Who wants to do a bunch of OK or so-so things every day, all day long?

Would you move mountains to accomplish something you “kind of” want to experience?

Probably not. And knowing this will save you a lot of time and effort and energy that you’d spend trying to “motivate” yourself.

Make things move by moving toward fulfillment.

The time management software and super-planning techniques and bullet journals and gorgeous scheduling systems will all finally work their magic when you’re aiming to create your own magic every day!



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