Clear Your Mind And Connect To Your Energy!

Apr 20, 2021 | Creativity


Clear your mind, connect to your energy and watch what happens as your intuition soars! 

Sometimes, I feel like I just don’t have the desire to quiet my mind. The white noise of so many things swirling around in my head makes me feel that maybe it’s productive to have so many thoughts and distractions.

I’ve come to learn that those are the times I need to clear my mind even more!

Do you need to clear your mind? 

Clearing your mind allows you to connect to your energy in its truest and most present form. You’re really focused when your mind is far more clear. High energy that can be stressful or scattered downshifts to a more centered and empowering calm. Intuition soars. Ideas fall from the blue. It’s an amazing place to be.

A little more mental clarity can be the life-decluttering that sparks a personal revolution!


These are some of the things I move toward to clear my mind and keep it more clear when I’ve fallen into a habit of consuming lots of data, getting pulled around by distractions and feeling far less effective.

When your mind is overflowing it can be hard to access the creative genius energy you might be looking for, so this is a creativity supercharger, too.

Check your sleep quality and everything that surrounds your sleep.

This is enormous. Even if you’re sleeping the right number of hours, if you’re not sleeping deeply, you may feel foggy when you wake up. And, if you’re a little foggy and lean into caffeine as a “wake up” every day, you can start to feel run down.

HERE is some basic bedroom Feng Shui that can be incredibly helpful if you’re not feeling rested or not feeling the sanctuary power of your bedroom:

Insist on breaks and use them to get off of technology and into more mindfulness.

Taking breaks in front of a screen isn’t a “break” for your mind. Instead, you can make a snack, take a walk, do some stretches or even some meditation or visualization.

Consider a “data diet” for a few weeks where you read/ watch/ scroll far less and rest much more.

If ever you wonder just how much you’re taking into your mind, think back to all the things you experienced via text, email, social media, video, tv, books, magazines and even podcasts, audiobooks and music today.

It can be mind-blowing. Often it’s inspiring to read/watch/explore.. but when the dose gets way too high, it can feel like more mental noise and fog.

Connect with a journal. My favorite journalling exercise is HERE for you.

Use a workout to clear your mind. It’s not just yoga that’s mindful. Everything, even dancing around your house, is great to clear your mind and feel amazing.

And, if you’re feeling really wiped out or creatively blocked, you may love this customizable ritual to melt those creative blocks:

I’m wishing you so much more clear-minded moments, as it’s the easiest way to activate your powerful intention, to get brilliant things accomplished and feel more fantastic every day!

Less can be so much more.



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