The Full Supermoon In Scorpio Feng Shui!

Apr 23, 2021 | Creativity

This Full Supermoon in Scorpio on April 26th- 27th, 2021 is overflowing with beaming energy, the richest creative inspiration, lots of practical magic and so much empowerment!  

In so many ways, the cosmic stage is being set for huge positive personal transformation.

And it’s intense in many great ways. 

While Scorpio is so powerful in its passionate themes that it’s often confused for a Fire sign, it’s actually a Water sign.  

This water energy asks us to look beneath the surface, to follow our feelings, to explore the depths of everything in richer and more satisfying ways.

It’s an element of Fresh Starts, encouraging us to immerse ourselves in passions and to fill ourselves up with lots of restorative energy so that we can flow through life every day with more ease.   

This Supermoon shines a light on a new– or a more crystal clear– path forward in life.  

Its themes urge us to stand in our personal power and glow even brighter.  

It’s a time for more creative freedom and self-expression, intuition and innovation. 

All of this will help you to become more magnetic, sharpening your focus, clearing away distractions and amplifying your manifesting power. 

If you’re ready to expand in any way, to prosper more and feel better in all ways, this Supermoon Feng Shui is here to bring that energy home! 

Release or re-vamp what is ready for a change.  

Every Full Moon is thought of as a time to let go of what’s not needed to make space for what IS wanted! 

This Scorpio Supermoon asks us to look deeper and see what is out of sync with us now so that we can make a shift into more alignment. 

Take a tour of your home and ask yourself about each area: 

How does it make you feel? What do you love to see? Does anything feel like it’s stuck in place?

Now you can start making small shifts or planning for these changes.

–Clear whatever obvious clutter you see right now. 

–Re-style whatever stands out, like the pillows on your sofa or the books on a shelf, following your intuition!

–And, plan to either let go of extra furniture or re-vamp certain spaces in rooms that will take a bit of time if anything stands out to you.  The act of planning sets the wheels in motion!

Look deeper into your daily life and see if there are habits or patterns that are ready to be shifted, too.  

The lovely chart above from The Chalkboard really struck me when it first crossed my path– and I’m bringing it back today for this Supermoon.  

There are so many habits and patterns we can release from our lives to make space for more greatness! 

Are there things you’re ready to release in terms of lifestyle habits or patterns? 

–You can write a list of everything you want to release– including habits of worry, over-thinking, procrastination, too much screen time, or anything else.   

–Once you’re done writing it, read your list (I like to read it out loud) and decide that, without a doubt,  you’re ready to release all of it. 

–Now, tear up your list, imagining that you’re really releasing it all as you shred that paper!

— If you’re adventurous and can do it safely (*safety first!) you can even burn your torn-up paper list in an old pot, then extinguish it in water. 

–Once you’re done, it’s time to write out all that you’re ready to welcome in!

If things come up for you that require some support– a therapist, a healer or any other type of professional or group help–  it’s a great time to reach out and start that healing process! 

Refresh everything with water!  

Water is the start of all creativity.  It’s where new things begin.  It’s also the incredible purifying element that cleanses away unwanted energy.  

Clean your house with water.  

–Mop the floors that can be mopped.  

You can mix up a bit of white vinegar in water (I use a splash of white vinegar in water, but always test your floors first– this works for me on well-sealed floor surfaces) or use any floor cleaner that works for you.  

Mopping is a brilliant cleanse for your home’s energy that refreshes everything!

–Wash things that rarely get washed. 

Typically there are things– big and small– that never get cleaned because we just don’t think about them often.  Washing them can be epic renewal that’s instantly rewarding!

Making (and using) Moon water is ultra-refreshing.  

It’s a Supermoon to help you make the shifts that align you with even more greatness, so it’s an excellent time to make a batch or two of Moon Water infused with these vibrant energies!  

— Put jars (or even glasses or a jug) of water out in the moonlight on Monday or even Tuesday and let them sit for at least a day.  I use Mason Jars with lids. 
–Set an intention that the water will absorb the Full Moon energy.  
–If you don’t have a space outside, place it on a windowsill or on a patio with the intention that the water will soak up the moonlight.  

You can use this moon-energy-infused water in so many ways.  I love to water houseplants with it, and I always love to clean with it, but I learned yesterday that it can be extra-refreshing to wash your hands and face with it, so I’ll be doing this with my Supermoon water in the week ahead!

Embrace your intuition. 

Navigating new situations, starting new projects and emerging into the world with new perspective– these actions all flow easier when you’re guided by your deepest feelings.  

Everyone is intuitive, and tapping into that inner guidance is something you can practice!

–Making free-flowing art helps you to tap into your intuitive genius.

Any creative practice that flows as a stream of consciousness will help you tap into your inner guidance.  

Making an abstract painting, dancing around the house, free-writing in a journal, singing, playing improvised music…or anything else that takes you out of “thinking and thinking” and into a feeling of expressive flow can be brilliant.  

–Relax more. 

The more relaxed you are, the more you can receive downloads from the Universe and all kinds of wisdom that pops into your mind. It’s a great time to cultivate a deep relaxation practice that will serve you in so many brilliant ways in life.  

Meditation, deep breathing, yoga, meditative walks…

Anything that brings you a feeling of deep calm is your best practice. 

–Embrace your talents, gifts and uniqueness. 

One big facet of this Supermoon that is incredibly exciting is that it’s very much about championing who you are as a unique and brilliant individual. 

You shine when you are YOU. 

Transformation is not about becoming some else.  It’s about being yourself more fully, expressing your voice and cultivating your talents in the most fulfilling ways.   

If you’ve been drawn toward learning new things, if you have a deep pull to return to a hobby or a practice that has fallen out of your everyday life, if you’ve been thinking of taking classes or reading books… lean into all of it!

Aim high and aim for the highest vibes. 

Take a look at your goals and intentions and ask yourself how much you want them, and how much you feel connected to these aims.

If you feel like they ring true to you, this is wonderful! 

If anything feels a little uninspired or totally uninteresting as you look over your list,  it may be time to revise those goals and plans a bit, or cross things off the list. 

Even if you have one single big powerful dream you’re working on at the moment, that’s incredible!  

The idea here is to spend your time and energy on your deep desires as much as possible, focusing your attention on things that will be the most meaningful and rewarding for you.

As you’re feeling more calm and centered, immersed in creativity and connected to your intuition,  it’s time to launch into a season of breakthroughs!

There are so many cosmic shifts happening right now that signal new beginnings, new opportunities, new innovations, new breakthroughs and all kinds of new abundance that’s on the way.  

This Supermoon symbolically sets this greatness in motion, and every way you lean into this energy will help you to multiply your manifesting power.

Let go of some clutter.  

Re-style and re-energize your home. 

Make your space sparkle with the purifying power of water. 

And, lean into your intuitive, creative superpowers by following how you feel a little more every day! 

Your passion and clarity will open doors to so much more that you want.

And, that lit-from-within energy is unstoppable!

I’m wishing you the most gorgeous Full Supermoon week ahead!



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