Create Space In Your Life To Make A Breakthrough!

Apr 26, 2021 | Creativity

Just like fruit ripening, our dreams sometimes need that time to come to their readiness.

Whether you have a project that needs more thought, energy, passion, detail or creative power behind it, there’s always some creative ingredient that can bring a dream to life.

But, there’s also a key ingredient needed to bring anything to life–


Sometimes you need a physical space to do things (the actual space to pile up the cookies you’ve baked or the spot to hang up your paintings.

And, sometimes you need space in your life– the time to focus and dream big, the time to actually get things done and, moreover and most prominently, the ability to rest in between it all.

We’ve talked a lot about decluttering stuff in the past, so today let’s look deeper at making space in life.

A sleep schedule can create space in your life.

This is my albatross and I am about to make it my personal pivot point of life transformation.

I have no idea why I’ve struggled with this for so many years, but for as long as I can remember I haven’t had a “bedtime.” Maybe I don’t want days to end? Maybe I get inspired at night?

I am really great at waking up very early when I need to now, which feels like a huge triumph, but it would be so much sweeter if I actually slept a lot every night on those early mornings!

As with many things, I have come to see that I may not know why I have the issue, but it’s time to tackle it anyway.

I read many articles about the benefits of a regular sleep schedule which include a sharper mind, a potentially deeper sleep cycle, lower stress levels and maybe even greater productivity.

After a friend implored me to get a handle on my own sleep schedule, this quote from Medical News Daily drove the point home: “Having a regular pattern of going to bed and waking up could be protective of metabolic health. A new study has linked the habit to a lower chance of developing risk factors that make up metabolic syndrome, such as high blood pressure, obesity, and high cholesterol.”

Do you embrace a relatively similar bedtime and waking time every day?

I may be late to the party on this one but I feel the sizzle of excitement when I think of having this as a natural part of my life.

Become aware of all you do that isn’t leisurely and isn’t productive, and cut it out.

It isn’t leisurely for me to surf online 90% of the time that I do it, and it isn’t productive either.

It isn’t leisurely for me to say yes to things I don’t have a burning desire to do, that aren’t productive and aren’t really helpful.

It isn’t leisurely or productive for me to dwell on the past in certain ways.

For you, it might be that you do a lot of things for others that are stepping across your personal boundaries, or you skip taking breaks or you are doing things to please others that you have no personal interest in at all.

All of these things are their own form of clutter and letting them go can be incredibly liberating.

Prioritize instead of focusing on a mile long to-do list.

From all my research, a very clear set of priorities is something that most self-described successful people share.

It’s always a good thing to keep a list of all the chores and little things you don’t wan to forget and other ideas that you want to put into action along the way, but if that long list gets mixed up in your days, you’re not likely to have a moment of free time or a clear mind.

If your to-do list for a day is all the key priority projects, including, perhaps, a chore or an errand or two that really needs to be done, your whole day will feel different.

You’ll know that your energy is going where it’s most needed. You’ll be less stressed. You won’t feel the long list of things intruding on your focus.

Also, if you have lotsss of chores on your to-do list that aren’t urgent, it’s really tempting to do them instead of making big decisions, making big moves and taking creative risks, you know? They become a form of easy-to-justify procrastination.

I have done it more times than I can count; endlessly busy, endlessly swept up in so many little things while the big things sit on a shelf waiting for the “busy” days to end.

They don’t end, in my experience. Chores can be infinite. And, that big stuff doesn’t get touched.

If you’re ready to make a breakthrough, space-making can be total magic.

Prioritize what is most important. Your big projects, the important things, the things that might require more energy and tenacity.

Sweep away the excess stuff in the day that’s not needed, not fun, not productive or even relating.

Create a schedule that allows you to have rest and breaks– or join me, if you’re pulled toward it, in creating a regular sleep schedule!

These little shifts can be absolutely revolutionary.

And, you can start right now!



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