Third Chakra Feng Shui Tips To Empower Yourself!

Apr 30, 2021 | Creativity


We’re continuing the Chakra Feng Shui Series with some simple Third Chakra Feng Shui Tips to feel more magnetic and empower yourself.

Power can be a tricky word because it often gets equated with doing bad deeds, misusing power, or making horrible sacrifices of values in the name of gaining power. 

But, power is essential and need not be dark at all. It’s our inner light, our radiance, our will, our action, our vibrance, our decision-making, our doing, our determination and our resilience.

I so strongly feel that the more we stand in our personal power, the more we can move mountains together. Moving from a more grounded place, we have more intuition, more creativity and more energy at our fingertips. 

Third Chakra Feng Shui Tips can help you to feel stronger, more radiant, glowing, focused and full of manifesting power!

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