Learning New Skills Will Supercharge Your Creative Life!

May 3, 2021 | Creativity

learning new skills

Learning new skills is a key to growing and staying in the whirl of evolution and the current of life.

I learned about crystals and healing work when I was about 12 years old, when it was a foreign language for 99.9% of the people around me and it absolutely widened my perception about energy and life.

Learning doesn’t mean participating in everything you learn, but I loved that my 82 year old dear friend knew all about dancing on TikTok and has never opened the app, and she’s also about 50 years younger than her age might imply.

There’s something to be said for catching the current of new things.

Leaning new skills is life-expanding and vibrant. It creates ease and personal power. 

Beyond what’s happening in popular culture, there are daily advances in all sorts of technologies. To think that a decade ago I worked in the art world and now the NFT (digital art) space is poised to become a huge part of that world– I am shook but not surprised.

And, there are advances every day in just about every aspect of life.

Uranus situating itself in the sky in Taurus speaks to the NEW challenging the EXISTING ways things are done. According to many astrologers, the rise in new ways of living, agriculture, making money, using technology and even thinking about the ways we are all connected.

So, have you been up for learning new things that are very different from what you’ve grown accustomed to?

This can be the stuff that helps you to create big breakthroughs!

Two years ago after my video producer (responsible for many of the Camps and so many projects I had done) became unable to work with me suddenly after an accident, I had to make a decision.

Given I had little time to vet someone new and really wouldn’t feel comfortable with a new people as we worked so closely, I bought all the equipment I needed, set up a studio at home and learned to do all the pro editing that we used to do together.

It didn’t take very long, since I’d watched this being done for years and sat in editing sessions for so long… but it was a life-changer.

When covid hit, I was able to produce so much at home when it would have been the only way to do anything for the better part of a year, and I just said yesterday… “I feel so fortunate looking back that I decided to learn to do this myself.”

Yes, I will definitely work with pros when this is over, but I have the power to do this on my own which is great power.

Necessity can move us to learn new things.

It’s well worth learning as much as you can, even if it’s out of curiosity rather than necessity.

Rather than waiting for necessity, I have been giving myself little projects of new skills to learn just so that I am always learning.

Each one has been…. such a revolution.

It’s so empowering.

As an experiment tonight, a very inexpensive experiment, I might add, I am teaching myself how to buy alternative cryptocurrency. There are about 5 steps involved and a lot of language to learn but I want to know how to do it because then it won’t seem foreign.

Even if this wild west of cryptocurrency evolves far past all these steps, it feels quite fun to simply know how it works.

I am doing a way bigger experiment of learning new technology this weekend.

It’s been holding me back to not know things right now– especially given the fact that it’s hard to do the projects I want to do with other people at this moment.

Before I started learning, I was always stuck trying to figure out who could help me… or I would let things kind of lapse and not do them.

Now, I want to know as much as I can.

Great managers of small business –and restaurants especially in my experience– know how to do just about every job in the restaurant so that they can supervise, help and fill in at any moment.

So, even if you don’t need to know many skills in the long run, it’s never a bad thing to know a little bit more.

Expand your learning into new realms that are exciting for you and start leaning new skills that are exciting, even if they aren’t directly related to your “work.”Whether it’s learning healing modalities or gaining technical proficiency, doing simple home repairs or learning to publish your own book, there are are infinite gains to be made from learning things. (*If you want to learn Feng Shui as a Professional skill, The School of Intention is starting soon and you can learn more here!)

If it’s something very complex, I will take a class or seminar. If it’s something easier to wrap my head around, I’ll watch lots of YouTube videos or read articles and then… dive in.

Taking this learning and putting it into action will bring you wisdom. This wisdom can empower you with confidence and new perspective that can help you to break from the usual and make huge leaps forward in life!

What are you excited to learn?!

I’d love to know!






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