10 Ways To Bounce Back From Burnout And Hit New Levels Of Energy In Life!

May 9, 2021 | Sensory Goodness

I feel blessed every day. I sleep enough, eat well and gratefully don’t have fantastic amounts of stress in my life any more.

But: I have been burned out in the past and never fully recovered. I recovered to the point where I don’t feel extreme fatigue, endless sore throats, roller-coaster sleep patterns…. I recovered to the point where I’m happy, I workout, I have the energy I need to do everything I want to do…

Yet: I haven’t 100% fully recovered. I’m realizing this now.

I have convinced myself very powerfully that I have for years, but I have about 20% of the way to go.

That is the 20% that makes adventures welcome all the time, jumping out of bed fully rested in the morning an absolute given, and craving more physical challenges more exciting.

I’m willing to take the rest of the year– or longer– to fully regain all my energy, so I started back with all the practices in earnest that took me from absolutely burned out to pretty darn great. It’s feeling so good already!

Today I wanted to share some of the best things I’ve done to regain my energy from total burnout. I hope some of this can be helpful no matter where you are on the path to reclaiming all your energy!

I’ll be making some videos on some of the things listed below in the month ahead, and I’m dedicating the start of a whole new project (*coming soon) to deep revitalization.

Burnout is way too common. 76% of US workers surveyed last year reported burnout. That doesn’t account for Healthcare Workers and other essential workers– the heroes who have been non-stop for a year saving lives around the world. And, the statistics were harrowing in the years before 2020 as well. Burnout is somewhat normal. In fact, for some people it is interpreted as “having worked hard enough.”

But, then your body, mind and mood are flattened. And, that is both miserable and unsustainable. Stress hormones rise. Aging accelerates. Productivity plummets.

Even when you’re not fully “burned out” — there are levels of wellbeing and vitality that many of us don’t access because it becomes normal to feel pushed to the limit, or simply normal to just get by with the energy you have.

Overcoming burnout can revolutionize your wellness and wealth. It can bring you new levels of joy and fulfillment. It can reorganize your life. And, the results can be nothing short of stunning.

Before I run through the pillars of my own personal habit shifts that have made my life spring back to life, I want to say two big things:

Consult your doctor. I am not a doctor or a healer and what I’m sharing I’ve learned from doctors and healers, but I am only sharing my experience. Exhaustion and burnout can be symptoms of lots of things including (but not limited to) thyroid and hormone imbalances. I got tests for anemia, vitamin deficiencies and more. (*I also tried (and failed) to get an Epstein Barr virus test, but I am assuming that’s part of what’s gone on with me, as well)

And, be prepared to take time to fully restore your energy if needed. I thought I’d be back to normal in a few weeks. I gradually felt better over the course of a year and stayed at this 80% plateau for a while because I assumed I was “done.”

Now, I’ll share some of my best energy and habit shifts that made all the difference.

My home is in the spotlight.  

I did a lot of decluttering, reorganizing and filling my house with plants over about six months time and each step was really revitalizing.

When your home energy is high it’s easier to keep your energy high.

Fruit and Vegetables. With a highlight on smoothies, juices and greens.

I’ve learned a lot about the power of fruit and vegetables in my life. I have fruit and smoothies (sometimes full of kale, spinach or other greens) all morning into the afternoon, and then switch to giant salad and finally a more cooked dinner most days.

Eating every two to three hours.

Whether I’m having a snack or a meal, I’m always eating something. Right now, I’m steaming broccoli and sometimes I’ll have a handful of dates, green juice or even homemade almond fudge with honey.

Vitamins and herbs, not too much, but more targeted to what I need.

I tossed my multivitamin that wasn’t making me feel great and started taking a select few vitamins and herbs when I felt pulled toward them. I used to really overdo it with supplements and my body has said NO!

This was and still is an experiment that feels great, because nothing is excessive.

My most vital additions have been B-12, magnesium powder added to herbal tea, several teas (ginger, holy basil, rose hips, hibiscus), D3 and liquid zinc added to a glass of water.

I also eat handfuls of fresh cilantro and parsley every week, even if I throw them in salads or blend into salad dressings.

Blue Light Blockers.

I am online a lot, and so are most of us these days.

Blue Light beaming from all this technology really stressed me out until I gave these Blue Blockers a try.

Deep Spiritual Practice.

For me, it’s prayer. For you, it might be meditation.

Books instead of Electronics.

At night, I switch off the technology and only read books or write in a journal if I’m doing anything “active.”


Following my feelings made a big shift in my life, because my burnout came from “willing” myself to “accomplish” more than my body and energy systems could actual handle.

Daily Workouts… but nothing crazy.

If I skip my walks, trampoline bouncing sessions and pilates (*soon adding tai chi and qi gong) I am not quite the same.

That said, especially at the start of my crazy burnout, I had to learn not to “go hard” with exercise until I was feeling much better.

The “middle way” of not too much and not too little was not easy for me at first– I was raised to be all or nothing!– but it was so vital to staying in motion, getting better and continuing to get better.

Bed before midnight.  Best before 10. 

This is really rejuvenating for me and I can be great at is or I can blow it off and stay up too late… but I will tell you that I found 8 hours of sleep even from midnight to 8am far less restful than 8 hours of sleep from 10pm to 6am.

My acupuncturist turned me on to this, and I will tell you– it really does make a big restorative difference in my life.

Of course, there’s a lot more than the above to address– for example:

Why did you get burned out? Did you remove or handle the stress in life?Are you ready to give up habits that wear you down?

I can tell you I never regret the energy it took to get my life force back to where it is now, and I’m thrilled for the months ahead.

Here’s to your vibrant, beaming, powerful magnetic energy!!!



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