Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius Feng Shui!

May 23, 2021 | Creativity


Next Wednesday, the 26th of May 2021, is the first Eclipse of Eclipse Season this year— a Total Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius. Six full months of vibrant expansion– especially where wellbeing and prosperity are concerned– is ready to begin!

All eclipses are thought of as symbolic quantum leaps forward in life– big shifts that help to expand life and point us in all the right directions

Total Lunar Eclipses are a deep cleaning and decluttering for life— removing blocks and swinging open doors to more fresh energy and the abundance that it brings.

Sagittarius is a Fire sign and all that fire energy is about glowing with magnetism, taking action, exuberance, making things happen and feeling totally fantastic! Today we’ll look at refueling your fire as well as using fire energy to make positive life shifts with ease.

The themes of this cosmic super-day are rich and rewarding, including:

Aligning your life with your highest values and priorities. Aligning yourself with more wealth and success. Aligning your lifestyle to support your wellness and well being. Aligning your home to glow with energy and power.

And, with all this alignment starting now and unfolding over the next six months, you’ll feel your manifesting power start to expand!

Deep cleansing creates freedom and flow. 

I’m starting now, and you might want to start this to:

Start deep cleaning at home, room-by-room, until you feel the energy shift in each space. By the time the Eclipse arrives on Wednesday, you’ll have a lot of clean and clear space around you at home.

This action of cleaning can clear your mind, activate your creativity and boost your confidence, too!

Remove all the stuck energy to clear the road ahead.  

In addition to cleaning your home, clear the energy at home deeply. The ritual in Video One of the FREE Feng Shui Manifesting video series to kick off The Breakthrough Camp is a great place to begin. You can grab the whole series HERE. It’s Feng Shui to clear energy in your home to get ready to make a breakthrough, and the whole season is about breakthroughs!

Do a release ritual.

A “release ritual” can help you dump the worries and stresses and “overthinking” in your life onto a page and symbolically “release” it from your life.

The simplest way I do this is to sit down (maybe on Wednesday, maybe even sooner!) and write out all the things you are ready to be free of– from clutter to certain challenges, habits, thoughts or worries. Pour it all onto a page.

Now, re-read your list and declare that you are ready to let it all go!

Tear up your list and add it to your paper recycling, or, if you feel comfortable and safe doing so, put it in a pot with a sink nearby and safely burn it. (Safety is most important, so please just shred up your list if it feels safer to do so!)

Refuel your energy to connect to your passion and power.

It’s hard to be burned out and also passionate at the same time. Passion takes energy. It even takes energy to be excited.

If you’re burned out, your refueling in the months ahead will bring more power and magic to every day.

Refuel your energy with a lot more rest, more breaks, more downtime and much more of all the water, food and fresh air that makes you feel good.

Can you think or a habit or two that lights you up that you can challenge yourself do daily?

There’s a TikTok Challenge called “75 Hard” where you commit to 75 days of doing all these things: drinking a gallon of water a day, working out twice for 45 minutes at a time, reading 10 pages of a personal development book, following a diet that makes you feel good and posting a picture of yourself every day. People say they feel amazing and it’s the best decision they’ve made to see this through for themselves.

While I love the idea of a daily challenge, I am not into the “hard” part of it. Instead, I’m going to do 6 months of an “easy” daily challenge initiated by this amazing Eclipse– doing some flowing exercise every day, drinking enough water (even if it’s not a gallon, I don’t measure) and keeping up with daily journalling.

I know if I do those three simple things every day I’ll be recharging myself without stress. I do them often enough, but challenging myself to do them every day will make a big difference.

This can be your own daily challenge to carry through the end of the year, something to build momentum in your days without force or stress.

Even the smallest change, like ten minutes of meditation, can snowball into huge benefits!


Prioritize what’s most important to you.

Build even more of that “fire” in your life by putting the things you love to do as high up on your to-do every day as possible.

If you’ve been wanting to start a project, can you work on it early in the morning or before your normal “workday” starts? Can you put aside distractions so that your biggest dreams are the themes of your day?

While you may not be able to control your days in full, you do have a choice as to where you want to focus and what you want to focus on.

Focus on what you want to grow. Focus on the things that align your life– so your thoughts match up with all the things you want to manifest. Focus on solutions. Focus on abundance. Focus on actions you can take– even if they’re small steps to start– that move you in the directions you want to move.

Cleanse your space to create more free-flowing energy.Release all the stuff that isn’t serving you.

Revitalize your energy– and maybe even challenge yourself to make it a daily habit!

And, keep on growing the greatness in your life!

I’m wishing you a tons of quantum leaps forward and great big breakthroughs, for this Eclipse Season, and always!



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If you’re ready for breakthroughs, they’re ready for you!

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