Nature Magic For The Summer Solstice And The Season Ahead!

Jun 15, 2021 | Sensory Goodness

(Kathy Klein)

While the Summer Solstice is an amazing symbolic and energetic day of light, the lessons and deeper connection with nature can last far longer than just one day.

Let’s take the energy of Summer and fill it with the highest vibrational, most transformational, most restorative energy of Nature!

Nature is our life-giving force. Food, water, air, space– we need the entire ecosystem of Nature to live and thrive. The intelligence of Nature can’t be underestimated– adapting, thriving, surviving and reviving despite some of mankind being so unkind.

I have a strong feeling that in the years ahead we will be working in far more harmony with Nature in all ways, and thriving more as a result on every level.

Let’s look at ways we can make the most of Summer to tap into the magic of Nature and all its abundance.

Connect more to your fruits, veggies, herbs and spices in more fresh and raw forms.

It’s a beautiful thing to find fresh watermelons popping up. In fact, tons of melons, stone fruits like plums and nectarines, peaces and cherries, are plentiful in many places at the moment. You might even have local tropical fruit. And other seasonal greats like squash blossoms that my grandma with dip in batter and cook for a special treat.

How can you mix more of this fresh energy — that’s what it is– into your days?

Here are two of my recent ways, that may inspire a few ideas for you:

I just got a new cold-pressed juicer– shockingly my very first one considering the major amount of juice I’ve consumed over the years– that I’m ready to break in this season!

I’m also getting my microgreens (a whole kit full) into the process of growing and eating for the rest of the year. There’s no time limit on sprouting and microgreens based on the seasons— and the nutrition is considered by many to be unparalleled.

You might want to learn to make easy salad dressings with handfuls of fresh herbs in your blender with lemon juice, oil, some garlic, salt and pepper. A cilantro pesto is a favorite of mine, as well as homemade herb sauce full of parsley and bursting with flavor! You can even use handfuls of fresh dill, mint, and other fabulous herbs to make refreshing teas brewed in jars in the brilliance of the sun.

HERE are more ways to use herbs and spices in abundant and awesome ways!

Fill your home with flowers. Maybe even grow some blooming plants!

I got my African Violets during an early Summer three or four years ago at the grocery store (a rare find) and they’ve been blooming ever since and are almost ready for their next size larger pots!

Roses are a year-round favorite, but I’m taking full advantage of every single one of the epic flowers I can get my hands on this season!

Here’s more on Roses and their high-vibrational properties and uses that can be a huge energy shift in your home!

Cook outside or, if you’re able, eat outside.

You may not agree, but I feel that food tastes different– and better– when it can be eaten outside! Whether it’s a picnic at the park, a cookout in your yard or snacks at the beach (last time I was there, coconuts were for sale on the sand!), see if you can take advantage of the great outdoors. My greatest inspiration comes from watching many @menwiththepot episodes on TikTok!

Explore more of your really vibrant interests. Ask yourself: What would you be spending your entire days doing if money was no object and you could do anything you wanted to do? (NOTE: Both can be a part of your reality if they aren’t already!)

Collect stones, crystals, minerals— feel their harmonic effects in your life.

Crystals do have energy, and so do stones, pieces of fossilized wood and many other energetic gifts of the Earth.

While I don’t subscribe to a theory that crystals can help you or bring you love or money in themselves, I absolutely do believe they can both bring harmony and amplification to your energy in excellent ways as you work with them.

I’ve had as much success with collected stones as I have with many crystals, so go out and forage responsibly, asking as you find something beautiful if it is meant to come home with you.

This is a very important part of working with Nature– before you take things, ask permission. And when you receive benefits, give back to the Earth in ways that are meaningful. A beach cleanup day, some urban gardening, learning to compost or walking instead of taking the car to local locations may be the best way for you to that the Earth for its service to you.


Joy really matters. The more you can harness the joyfulness of every possible moment, the more you’ll find that joy filtering into life across the boards, bringing new perspective, ideas, solutions and abundance to every day!



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