The Magic Of Becoming 1% Better Every Day!

Jun 21, 2021 | Prosperity

Small changes lead to big things.

I’m late to the party with this book, but reading Atomic Habits is incredibly powerful. The James Clear bestseller has had a profound impact the ways I’ve been approaching every day and all that I do– and, I already thought I followed his philosophy!

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As I mentioned, I’ve always been a proponent of taking small steps that lead to big things, but there are some areas of life where I’ve struggled with this sane and stress-free approach to growth and learning that is incredibly powerful.

Maybe it’s been the same for you?

For example, I am really good at making small changes and taking small steps when it comes to fitness and celebrating my progress along the way, but when it comes to starting a new creative project, I still catch my habit of wanting to do it all instantly rearing its head.

When I try to do everything all at once, when I get frustrated with the pace of how things are developing, I tend to QUIT that project.

Or, I get extremely frustrated, waste a lot of time with that frustration and then– finally– dial back to working a pace where things can develop and unfold.

One of the big learnings from Atomic Habits for me is the massive power of 1% daily improvements.

For example, if I strive to be 1% better at a skill every day, just 1% better, a tiny improvement in some way, I will be 37 TIMES BETTER in one year.

That’s some powerful stuff right there.

How can this be applicable to you?

Are you looking to transform your business, your finances, your wellness practices, your mood, the health of your hair, the house you live in, or transforming clutter into clarity?

You can do it all with this very basic approach.

What does 1% improvement look like for you?

1% better for me when it comes to fitness has been walking an extra few minutes a day.

It can be writing an extra page or spending an extra minute editing your work after writing it daily.

–It might be drinking an extra glass of water.

–Or, brushing your dog’s teeth for 10 seconds longer every day until you reach the recommended time or learning a new technique to do it that you implement slowly every day.

–It can be carrying sunscreen in your bag and setting a reminder to reapply once a day and then twice after some time has passed until you are fully in the new habit.

These may not seen life changing but when I look back at this entire Feng Shui Method and School of Feng Shui that’s been created over the last decade and a half, it was all created from daily learning, improvements and experiments that unfolded over time. Those small shifts led to all of this!

Now, I can’t wait to see where they lead next!

If you’re looking for a change, try an Atomic Habit. 1% better, little shifts, consistently. You may just be amazed at where it all leads you!




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