Three Elements Of A Morning Routine That Can Supercharge Your Days!

Jun 28, 2021 | Creativity

Your morning routine may be extensive or very simple. It may take two hours or it may take 10 minutes. Regardless, it is so well worth having one!

Speaking from personal experience, what I do in the first 30-60 minutes of my day– and how I do it– has an impact on the many hours to follow.

I know I’m not alone, as many of you have or want morning routines for this very big reason.

That said, I’ve sabotaged myself by making my morning routine look like I’m training for the Olympics– adding in way too many steps, too many things, and trying to do complex things when I’m barely fully awake!

Also, I have looked to others to tell me “what” I should do as my morning ritual rather than what I truly desired.

Today, I’m not here to tell you precisely what to do, but I wanted to suggest three areas of focus– three elements– that have helped so many people create morning routines that really work for them.

Let’s dive in!

Simple statement to begin: if you don’t like to do something it probably won’t get done if it’s optional. So, let’s stick to things you like, you feel compelled to do and, hopefully, that inspire you.

In all the years of helping people get their energy aligned at home and in life, this was something of a stumbling block for me– a morning ritual that really worked and was exciting to wake up to do!

The following three elements made my mornings way more magical and hopefully they will for you, too!

And: My greatest overall suggestion is to avoid touching your phone/emails until you are officially ready to start the day.

Things begin with a clear mind that is awake and coming into focus.

This is where the day begins. I can not meditate first thing in the morning because, quite frankly, I fall asleep no matter how well rested I am. But, there are active ways to clear my mind and get focused that actually wake me up.

Spiritual practice. If you’ve got a practice of prayer or other spiritual practice this can be the most excellent way to start your day connected to that Source energy. This is the only non-negotiable thing in the morning and it’s magic for my days.

Morning pages– writing a few pages in a journal is also a mystical practice as it seems to solve problems I din’t actively realize while it opens up my mind and energy to new creativity.

Making a to-do list in detail and envisioning each step on the list getting done during the day.

Staring at my vision boards and getting lost in the visions for a few minutes. (*Just like meditation, I tend to fall asleep if I try doing too much visualization with closed eyes when I wake up.)

You might do a crossword puzzle, say affirmations or something else that engages you.

Sensory richness that makes the day feel richer.

Lighting a favorite candle or turning on a diffuser can bring such depth of emotion and bliss to your mornings. Essential oils in my quick shower have been a personal game-changer.

Eating something delicious can be morning empowerment. Prepare it the night before if you tend to skip out on breakfast.

Music is pure vibration. A playlist for your morning can truly transform your days.

Energy practices that get energy moving on a high note!

For some people, a morning workout is the best way to get your energy strong and vibrant.

You may have some energy-aligning yoga, dance, pilates, qigong or tai chi to do.

Mindset work, inspirational reading and other energetic practices are spectacular.

Note: even wearing your favorite colors or favorite style of makeup can transform your days.

Basically, starting the day wide awake, with a clear mind and all your senses engaged makes you glow so much brighter. It awakens your genius. It stirs your curiosity. It brings you endurance and natural motivation.

And, it’s really fun!

Whatever you do in the morning, make it amazing. You have so many brilliant things to create every day!



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