3 Ways To Declutter Life To Feel More Fulfilled Every Day!

Jul 2, 2021 | Creativity

I just decided to make cinnamon cookies from a brand new recipe that I’m quite excited about, especially since they’re grain free and described as chewy and buttery (*The recipe is here for all of you interested. )

While this in itself won’t make my whole day completely fulfilling, it’s more creative joy and deliciousness that definitely goes the distance to make things lighter and brighter.

What will make my days even more rewarding and fulfilling is a little more than just a great new recipe– but, it’s not complex.

For me, it’s giving 100% to the day that makes it fulfilling. If cookies are a part of it, I’m here for that.

I’ve come to see that greater fulfillment, though, isn’t all about “adding things” to do, but often subtracting things. And, in that subtraction of everything that’s not aligned with you, you’ll feel life ramping up with big excitement!

Today, let’s talk about decluttering life in a very easy and meaningful way to make more room for every kind of abundance!

Declutter an abundance of negative news.

This may seem obvious, since too much watching of the news in exhaustive ways is definitely not helpful for most of us, but let’s discuss how often bad news can infiltrate your everyday conversations.

“Did you hear about…. Can you believe…!?!?” and, on and on, we can really drag down even the little chats we have during the day with too much negative news.

I’m not here to ignore the problems of the world, but I’d rather talk about and focus on amplifying solutions, strategies and ways to help rather than just dwelling on the story.

It took me a long time to fully understand the effects these negative narratives had on me but it hit me hardest when I was blessed with a huge, exciting, important project and had to literally shut my phone and not talk to people for a few days to really give my best to it, since the negative narratives were coming from all sides… including me!

None of us need to dilute our genius with an onslaught of negativity.

Align with more creativity and success in easy ways!

Declutter dramas that aren’t important to your life.

Along with the negative news cycles, there are the dramas that can take hold. Petty dramas, nothing meaningful, yet they can pull our focus.

If you haven’t already, it’s a great idea to detox toxic relationships so that you don’t get drained. This alone can be life-changing!

Declutter your to-do list of things that don’t serve you.

I used to force myself to post on social media channels every day that didn’t reach an audience and didn’t make me happy, but it did take up a lot of time.

Are you doing too many steps? Are you inundated with too many things? Are you over-committed? Are you fanning your energy our so widely that you can’t concentrate or don’t have the time to get things done?

Start slicing that list down to the essentials and you’ll find so much more joy in what you actually do!

These three things are huge. Without them you might have several extra hours a day for love, for rest, for working out, for making art, for being of service… and living your purpose.

All these time drains are– in a way– designed to captivate your attention and pull you off your path. But, you have too much fulfilling and incredibly important stuff to do to allow that to happen moving forward!



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