Your Outer World Will Match Your Inner Growth!

Jul 6, 2021 | Creativity


I recently did an intensive energy workshop led my a master at her craft. By the end of three days, my perspective on many things, including my perception of everyday things I did often, had changed.

Usually things don’t move that fast, but I was working up to this weekend acceleration for over a year, so maybe it wasn’t just the weekend that hit me, but a culmination of many years.

That said, we were all told that we’d grow into the changes that we made in our energy field.

As I sit here two weeks later with a detailed plan to revamp two rooms of my house, start a few new projects and much more this month… I can tell you that I feel so naturally compelled to change my outer world to grow into all this new, expansive, intuitive energy.

Sometimes you will change your inner world (personal growth, big life shifts, new chapters) and you’ll be moved to change your space or even move in general.

Sometimes, you’ll change your outer world (like my Feng Shui clients do) to support and speed up your inner growth in dynamic ways.

Either way, you will find that your life and your space is a mirror of you.

Today let’s talk about growing in both ways!


Feng Shui is incredibly powerful because you interact with your environment all day long, all the time, every single day.

Every change you deliberately make at home is re-patterning the energy around you.

In my Method of Feng Shui, I don’t care about “strict rules” of what “should be” in every area of your home. I care about people actualizing their highest potential. (*The School of Intention is starting soon, and you can get all the details here if you’d like to become a Professional.)

So, when you Feng Shui in this way, the work is always centered on personal choice and designing a home that truly matches how you want to feel, what you want to do, how you’d like to evolve and what you want to manifest.

It can be incredibly easy. It is always show-stoppingly powerful.

You are creating a new paradigm for yourself in your home and that is wildly expansive and life-changing.

Start here by considering what you are looking at for the largest part of your day at home.

Does it bring you great joy? Does it lift your spirits? Does it evoke positive emotions? Does it help you to stay present and focused?

If not, you now have one space where you can start making changes right now, even in the simplest of ways by decluttering, cleaning, polishing and revitalizing that area.

Your home will now be more of a match for you now and a place that helps you soar toward your aspirations.

Now, let’s look at inner growth. You might be in deep contemplation, in a healing process, in a time of great change, a new chapter or a big shift. You might already feel the change inside of you but you can’t see the external manifestations quite yet.

So, start with your home!

When your energy shifts and you evolve, you might find your color preferences change, your ability to see things in fine details sharpens, your ways of relaxing, leisure, work and fitness might also morph.

After the weekend I described above, I feel I have to paint two rooms in full color, as a starting point. It will cost less than $200 but the effects are INVALUABLE.

This will immediately help me feel that my home is reflecting me on a deeper level. I sense it every time I look at these walls.

That switch will be one clear outward manifestation of my inner shift.

Many others are in motion.

You don’t have to fully redecorate, either.

You might decide to reorganize your office so you can focus and feel like more of a boss while you work.

You might deep clean your bathroom and fill it with plants to make it more spa-like, something you feel you truly deserve.

You see what I’m getting at, here?

It’s about allowing your internal and external worlds to match on a high level.

When you move toward this kind of synergy, you’ll find yourself unlocking a whole new level of creative manifesting power!

Enjoy it all, because the smallest steps can be the absolute largest steps!



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