Three Ways To Manifest Bigger And Better Things With Speed And Power!

Jul 12, 2021 | Prosperity


We put a lot of emphasis on our minds when talking about manifesting and making things happen. There’s a good reason for this:

Our thoughts tend to direct our energy and that means that what we think about will grow.

When you visualize what you want, you literally begin to form it in the physical universe.

When your mind is calm and clear, you can focus far more powerfully, and that focus can be a force of nature in itself to make amazing things happen.

But, when you’ve maxed out on using your mind, and you still aren’t at your goals, there’s another level– many levels– to go!

Today, let’s talk about using expansive energy to multiply your manifesting power!


If you’re already focused on what you want, that is amazing.

This video of Manifesting Basics can be a great refresh or a boost to “hook into” your prosperous creative power.

If you’re already visualizing what you want, that’s excellent.

Here is more on Visualization. It’s very true in my experience that if you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hands.

If you’re already doing things to clear your mind– like taking walks, doing mindfulness meditations and the like– that is spectacular.

Even a few minutes to clear your mind throughout the day can dramatically boost your focus.

Now, if you’re humming along with all of the above, and you want that “more”— it’s time to access higher realms of energy!

1.Tap into your intuition.

Start following how you feel rather than just what you think. Our mind can be limited, but the energy of the Universe in INFINITE.

Notice when you’re making decisions– do they make your feel anxious, calm, taller, smushed? What is the feeling you get as you decide?

For you, it might be a certain sensation that is a strong YES for you, and another that is a NO.

Follow your feelings a little bit more and they may defy your “logic and reason.” That’s OK. If things feel right, they are right.

2. Immerse yourself in your spiritual practices (or other energy practices).

Take time every day to work on your energy or connection to your spiritual/religious practice.

You may start doing more personal energy work like reiki, or a deep meditation.

For me, it’s my Buddhist practice. You may have a practice of prayer or devotion.

Immersion, in this context, means to really surrender to the practice, deepening your faith and connection as you deeply commit yourself to this action!

3. Live with more LOVE fueling you.

You can be angry, or you can forgive. You can be frustrated or you can be focused on solutions. You can criticize yourself or you can champion yourself.

The greatest results come when you are powered by love.

It’s not just virtuous or passionate to fill your life with love. The actual frequency– the quality and speed of energy– that is love is so high that it can influence people you don’t know and can’t see. You can raise the energy of your city block. You can make enormous breakthroughs. You can spark huge momentum.

These three ideas may seem basic, but if you maximize even one of them in your life and it can change everything for you.

Expanding out of your mind and into infinite possibility, the sky is never the limit!

Here’s to you manifesting all your wildest dreams come true!



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