Three Ways To Prioritize Joy And Multiply Your Success!

Jul 14, 2021 | Creativity

(this cat piggy bank is SO joyful to me, it’s headed into my house!)

Prioritize joy and your life will change.

Joy isn’t just a great feeling that we all want. It’s an energy of love that’s life-changing across every dimension of our life’s experience.

Joy builds community, it brings people together, it is a magnifier of wellness, it amplifies creativity and it can bring you more success in every way you define it.

I started the year with THIS article for Mind Body Green full of Feng Shui for more joy, and it was explosively popular. I was so grateful to see and hear that so many people were seeking joy now for the sake of it, in large numbers.

Articles about money and creativity and romance tend to hit home with large audiences in general, but joy for the sake of joy has never resonated more strongly. As we set our sights on more joy for the sake of joy– and with the Feng Shui Cash Camp on the way– I wanted to focus in on this question:

Do you do something — or many things– every day that you deeply enjoy?! And, do you do them just for the sake of doing them, for the fun of it all?

(this is such a beautiful project on The Spruce to build your own Koi pond)

I am enrolling myself in an online art class. It’s not a big course, but it has intrigued me for well over a year. Yet, I waited.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting we should instantly say yes to every single desire, do it immediately and never prioritize things.

But, when you have a strong desire to do things that are joyful and they get swept under the rug for tomorrow and then tomorrow again, it’s worth investigating.

I realized as I was doing this, with this simple little class, that I was postponing joy in lieu of all the work I have to do.

Yes, my work is really joyful, but it’s NOT the same as doing things just for me, for leisure, for fun.

Instead, I’d tell myself…. “when you finish_____ then you can do the class…”

I finished hundreds of things, and still I didn’t do the class.

I can say the same for other home projects that are joyful, other plans to make for myself… all “waiting until _____ is done.”

This is an endless way to delay joy.

It even runs counter to what I deeply believe– that love is the engine of change-making, that joy is a superpower, that we are all here to have a positive experience and grow…

So, I figured if I was delaying daily joy, and this is a big part of my work to live with joy, chances are there are many other people in the same boat.

It’s time to end that cycle.

Let’s choose to be more joyful— right now!

Put your happiness at the top of your to do list, quite literally. Decide that every day you will have something very joyful and fulfilling to do. This is the kind of commitment that’s life-altering in the best ways,

Say YES to the joyful projects you’ve put aside. You might not get to every one of them immediately, but reach for the ones you can’t stop thinking about and get started!

Create more joyful energy around you in your home and office. This can mean: decluttering, organizing and cleaning. And, you can take it to the next level, making your home even more magical with powerful Feng Shui!

Are you ready to do something exciting today?!



P.S.: Feng Shui School is coming soon, and you can get all the details to join in The School of Intention Professional Feng Shui Certification Program HERE! 


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