Use The Energy Of Love To Transform Your Life!

Jul 19, 2021 | Creativity


The energy of love is transformational.

When you think of love your first thoughts may be of romance, family or possibly a passion in your life as well. That’s all the outward demonstration of love we’re familiarized with.

Also, the word love may be mixed up with personal memories that are less than love, attached to love by life experiences, making us think that “love is complicated” or “love is hard.”

But, love as we are talking about it today is a frequency or a quality of energy that is extremely resonant, joyful and not dependent on any specific person or circumstance. You can think of it as an actual type of energy wave– a wave that has incredibly potency.

It’s an energy wave tuned to a frequency so bold and brilliant that it can heal, transform, dissipate darkness and keep negativity far away.

Today we’re going to talk about using the power of love in everyday life in tangible ways!

While I would not be mad at having piles of rose quartz, amethyst, green aventurine and other activating crystals that are full of stories and meanings attached to love, this isn’t really needed. (*I still want more and more of these, but they aren’t required!)

In fact, you don’t need anything but YOU to activate more love energy in every day.

Here are a few things that can help you get into more of the love vibration—

Meditate or clear your mind in a way that works for you.

Rest until you feel completely rested.

Tell people how much you love them or think of them– no matter where they are– and tell them that you love them.

You can also clear the energy in your home to create a fresh start that will help you activate more love frequency everywhere.

Once you feel more of the love flowing within you–

Cook with more love. When you pour love into your food it tastes better and, in my mind, it’s properly digested. That’s my personal thought, not something that’s been fully researched. You can do your own research by pouring more love into your food, even if it’s adding cereal and milk to a bowl, and see how you feel when you eat it!

Send love to your old self. When you think of the past and find yourself spinning, upset or in regret, send love to yourself at that time. You can literally freeze the picture of the memory in your mind and tell yourself– as though you are the voiceover in a movie– how much you love yourself . Also, in many Eastern philosophies (and specifically in Buddhism) when you struggle or experience hardships it’s an opportunity to transform your karma and open the road ahead to more greatness and blessings.

Use love to solve problems and end procrastination. If you find yourself dreading a task or putting something off endlessly, find something to love and admire about it. You might even want to make the task look nicer. For example, I made a really lovely multicolored spreadsheet that helped me fall in love with preparing taxes for my accountant!

I often make a list of all the things I love about these endless tasks and sticky problems– including: how amazing it will feel to be done (!), how much I am going to learn, how beneficial it might be for others when it’s complete… and so much more.

Infuse everything you do with more love.

The more you get used to this “energy” — even if you feel you harness it in fits and spurts when you’re starting– the more you’ll see that it can help you bring out more of your creativity, more of your genius and more of your manifesting power. It can make you feel stronger, more confident and more radiant.

And you can start right now!

Have so much fun tuning into more love as a frequency– it can be your magic wand!



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