Does Your Home Align With Your Dreams?

Jul 26, 2021 | Creativity


Feng Shui can show you in so many ways how your home mirrors your life.

You can see the love in your life in your home. You can see the flow of creativity you’re using in your home. You can also see the wealth and abundance, wellness and wellbeing in your life reflected back to you in your home.

This reflection happens on many levels, but the most common one to start with is to observe what you actually see in your home.

As you create a home that matches you and your aspirations, your home becomes a vehicle for personal transformation. It’s like an all-day-long life-coach, a part of your team helping you to reach your goals as well as an energetic magnet to bring them to you.

Yes, your home is that magical. And, as you change your home, your life changes with you.

Today I thought I’d share some changes I’m making in my own home as I have come to a big realization that the time for change is now!

It won’t come as a surprise that my home aligns with my life. It’s my job.

That said, so much has been created, so much has arrived and so much magic has been experienced since I’ve lived here (along with many challenges that were overcome) that I’m ready to take things to the next level. My space it’s starting to no longer align with the new visions on the horizon.

I outgrew it. You can outgrow how things are as well.

After sitting down to brainstorm and gather up everything onto a big list, I can tell you that within two months my home will align 100% completely and it will, in my case of about 1400 sq. feet of space to work with, cost very little to make a massive transformation.

Last season during The Love Camp I redid my bedroom, prompted by a collaboration with Puffy mattresses and that truly catapulted me out of the haze of 2020 and into a much different outlook for the future. (*This photo was for the Puffy Mattress people, you can’t normally see the end of my mattress, in case you were wondering.)

So, now, as we are mid-way through 2021 and I haven’t moved out of Los Angeles and have no desire at the present moment to move to a new place in Los Angeles (*soon, but not quite yet) it’s time to go further.

If you’re looking to level-up, I thought I’d share a few of the aspects of your room you can explore–

PAINT. My living room, giant hallway, dining room and kitchen are all getting freshly painted with the most glamorous and eco-friendly paint I have ever found from Clare Paint.

The colors will be dimensional but soft, more pastel-neutral than bold, yet the overall effect will be sparkling.

Painting is not necessarily hard, but it isn’t necessarily easy, either, and since I am painting this entire house all by myself, I’m going to be investing in lots of great preparation tools so that this is as easy and flawless as possible. From professional drop cloths to an edge painter that does not require that you tape trim (you read that right: this is it!), I am getting fully prepared to make this a breeze!

TEXTURE. Including pillows, throw blankets, doggie beds, rugs.

I’ve got lots of texture at home, but I am definitely in need of some freshening up. For about two years now I’ve heard amazing things about Ruggable rugs (they are fully washable!) and I think I’m going to give them a go in a few spaces. I’ll be back with a full review if these are the winners!

Texture can also be fresh throw pillows on the bed or sofas, throw blankets, wall art and other excellent foliage.

PLANTS. I have plants in spades. My biggest plants, however, are in need of a new pot because they need room to grow. I love these textured planters, minus the cactus. Cactus are amazing outdoors, but I’ve got no personal love for them inside my house. (*Scary accident once, never again having cactus inside)

You might get a few new plants and hang them on wall hangers, put some plants in your bathroom, add an herb garden to your kitchen…. the sky is the limit!

ART. Well, this is fairly self-explanatory because art changes spaces 100,000%. That said, I’ll have more to report on the very specific artistic plan for the walls very soon!

LIGHT FIXTURES. Last but hardly least, updated light fixtures can transform rooms, and many great ones are incredibly inexpensive. While I can’t install them myself (*not my skill set, I’ll save it for experts) I can certainly pick out some great ones that are going to create a whole updated vibe at home.

And, after making all of these changes and many more in sharp detail, I will literally have what amounts to a totally transformed experience of space on just about every level at home.

Any one of these things alone can be $20, $40 or maybe $100 dollars. And, this small shift you make can make your home exceptionally glowing and more of a match for you.

While I’ve just shared a rough sketch, I’m excited to share more details with you as this major project gets planned and underway,

Of course, you don’t need to redo your decor at all, or touch a paintbrush or get anything new to shower your home with love and elevated to the next level of manifesting power. You might organize, declutter and Feng Shui using all that you already have. This alone can bring your dreams to life in spectacular ways!

I hope you love your home. All that love will multiply your manifesting power and bring you tremendous joy!



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