Love Can Remove Limitations From Your Life!

Aug 1, 2021 | Creativity

Love can help you to remove limitations from life.

As Oprah has famously said, echoing the wisdom of her epic life experience, “You become what you believe.”

I always come back to this idea when I’m ready to make a breakthrough.

I think about this statement a lot in everyday life, but not in the highly-self-critical way I used to. 

I once believed that when I reached a state free of negative beliefs and bad “mental programming” then I’d be worthy of great things. 

If you’re there right now— start letting it go. Declutter those ideas along with the added stress, pressure…  none of it helps make life more magnetic.

Today, we are focusing on the positive way to lean into more self-loving beliefs that do many life so much more magnetic.

Trying to scour my life of ever negative “block” and bit of “bad mental programming” I had was a treacherous endeavor. I was convinced that once I purged enough of this stuff I would be successful, worthy and able to have greatness in my life.

The sad thing: I had already achieved and experienced greatness on a high level. The fear-tinged messages about “money blocks” and “negative programming” came to me while I was in pursuit of greater wellness.

Literally, this stuff of “you have blocks that stop you from being great…” ideology set me on a path of focus on these “blocks.”

And, what you focus on will grow!

Let me tell you, it was awful and catalyzed disaster in my life. I could never root out every negative belief. I lost faith in myself. I became highly critical.

I learned the very hard way that anything with even a hint of fear-based marketing and messaging in the mix was poison to my life, and I created a lot of problems for myself along the way.

What was once confidence became cluelessness, looking outside of myself for answers in my former career and my life in general. What was once my joy of being open to opportunities became a skepticism and worry that I’d meet low-vibrational people who would hold me back.

It was awful. And if you’re there in any way now, thinking that if you just clear more of these negative beliefs in your subconscious mind that you can finally be successful– I promise you can get past this right now!

Yes- it’s awesome to tune your mind to positivity and create a mindset that’s ultra awesome.

It’s not essential to do this—- or do it perfectly by any means— before you start deserving / manifesting / getting greatness in your life.

You can remove limitations from your life with more love. 

Right now, you can make your joy a priority.

Your happiness. Your well-being. Your thoughts. Your passions. Your favorite snacks. All of it.

If you can allow this to be a big metric of success, the rest of the things you want to do will absolutely be more inspired, exciting, fulfilling…and even more powerful. 

You can absolutely work on your subconscious programming and rewire your mind in amazing ways over time. But, you can 100% prosper, experience great love, set records, break through barriers and live your best life right now.

The rest can help you to expand. Don’t let it hold you back.

Instead, ask yourself:

What can you do to be happier today? 

That’s gotten me a lot farther than “How can I fix/ repair/ perfect myself.”

And, I’m not the only one.

This is universal— more joy/ love/ happiness is life-changing!

This is how I’ve come to remove limitations from life with more ease and flow. 

If you indeed “become what you believe”– believe in your worth, believe in love, believe in your power, believe in the Universe as benevolent, believe in all the best things… and they will show up for you!



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