Feng Shui To Get Into– Or Come Back To– Your State Of Flow!

Aug 29, 2021 | Creativity

I believe this wholeheartedly– the energy you operate with really does make a difference in what you create and how you feel and what outcomes you get. I also believe and know that this isn’t a call for a “perfect” high vibe life, where you aren’t ever annoyed, demoralized, upset or any other “
low-vibe” attributed emotion.

A perfect state doesn’t exist. You can believe me that I’ve tried to reach it with every ounce of my unflagging determination, will and intelligence, resourcefulness, copious money spent on various advanced-self-help philosophies and much, much more. Perfect was incredibly stressful as well as a falsehood. And, all this energy was not well spent.

Except, of course, to teach me a lesson.

Perfect isn’t real, but a state of flow is real. This “flow state” is creative, it’s magnetic, it’s dynamic, it’s forgiving and it’s also the space where many believe true genius comes to life.

I learned to use Feng Shui in a very unique way that’s now it’s own methodology honed over the last 17 years– ever since I ditched “perfect” and learned to lean into real growth– to get and stay in the flow most of the time. It’s been revolutionary. (*if you want to learn how to use this Feng Shui Method Professionally, details for the School of Intention Professional Feng Shui Certification are HERE.)

All this said, the last few weeks I got pulled off my normal flow state by life having other plans for me. And, today I wanted to talk about getting into (or back into) the flow when you’ve been feeling out of it lately.

Let’s dive in.

Forgive yourself if you feel like you’ve dropped the ball.

First and foremost, I had to forgive myself. The only way I am able to sit here and write today is through this self-grace. I haven’t done what I usually do all day long– writing, making lots of videos, sharing lots of work– for a solid few weeks.

You might have dropped the ball on some things as well, and once you do tis for a while it can feel like a fog settles over your creative groove.

I though this morning, “How did I let all this go? I haven’t even posted a TikTok in nearly a month!”

Life won’t be affected whether or not I post a TikTok but I have wanted to– to be here, to be there, to be everywhere, to do so much– that I couldn’t really catch up with mentally and energetically. I had other things to do, and that’s actually just fine.

That thought, though, revealed my feelings of a hard-to-explain variety of guilt, and that guilt is not a creative feeling.

Forgive yourself if you feel like you’ve dropped the ball.

Pick up the ball again and start moving forward. It feels so good to be typing this right now, I can’t begin to explain how great it is!

Completely address and completely handle whatever threw you off your rhythm.

I couldn’t ignore things this past week, but I’ve had this happen in the past and certainly did my best to try to ignore the issues. Whether they included: toxic relationships, illness, exhaustion, present time problems that need attention right this moment… or anything else.

It likely comes as no surprise that ignoring things doesn’t make them vanish. It just creates a longer, more frustrating, more tense and less “flowing” situation.

Trust that if you commit to solutions you’ll find all the right things for you.

Reset your rhythm when you’re ready.

When you’ve done what you need to do and you’re ready to get back to your flow, a real “reset” can work wonders.

Basically, I’m doing this right now and it’s exceptional.

While there are endless ways you can reset your energy– a vacation, energy work, spending time in Nature and infinite others– the best thing I’ve found for me is to “treat myself as the most precious of precious objects X 100.”

Every day, full spa-like attention to basic self-care. Every day, more time than I think I have for spiritual practice. Every day, cooking something amazing. Every day, everything turned up to a level of even greater greatness.

While I’d love to say I will maintain this forever, I know I won’t. There are los of things in life I am thrilled to do, to experience, to make… and I won’t have two hours a week for deep conditioning my hair with the awesome heated bonnet I just got, and that’s totally ok.

Right now, this 100X self love is fast bringing me back to the flow state and once I’m there, it’s self-perpetuating.

Yes: flow begets more flow. On its own.

As the great Maya Angelou said, “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

Enjoy your flow, reclaim your flow if you need to, and know that this flow is always available to you.

It can feel like magic. And, it’s the practical magic you make!

I’m so happy to be back here writing, and if you have topics you’d like to explore, please feel free to let me know!



P.S.: If you’re interested in becoming a Feng Shui Pro or using this unique work for your own personal growth or career expansion, you can get all the details for the upcoming season of The School of Intention Professional Feng Shui Certification Program HERE!




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