Your Best Time To Do Things Is Now!

Aug 29, 2021 | Creativity


If you think, “you missed the boat” and lost an opportunity to manifest a dream, you did not! It’s time to Feng Shui your life!

I think at this point in time, more than any other in my lifetime that I can recall, it’s time for everyone to throw away “conventions” of how things are “supposed to” go.

Things are changing rapidly. Technology is changing. Awareness is changing. Life is decidedly different than it was a year ago and light years different than it was ten years ago.

If you think, “you missed the boat” and lost an opportunity to manifest a dream, you did not.

I can tell you this because I’ve seen people make the seemingly impossible very possible every single week in the Feng Shui Camps and The School. I’ve seen clients bring things into their lives they thought they “missed out” on. I’ve seen magic happen daily. And I’ve lived this. I stand by this. Fully.

And, the common denominator in all these big breakthroughs starts with one thing: being who you are, fully and completely.

There are so many ways to shake off conventions, roles and personas we might have been taught or shown to adapt to in order to be successful/ loved/ creative/ worthy/ acceptable…. and, really the possibilities are infinite to let those go.

It may not be instant, but it definitely is worth it.

A decision to be who you are really moves energy. Sometimes very quickly. It’s enormously affirmative.

Decide you’re done being anything but you. Then start shaping your life to suit you!

I still find myself shaking off more and more of the conventions, the “ways you should be” and other old patterns that dimmed my voice and confused me far more than they helped me.

Here are a few ideas to spark your passions on the journey to shaking that stuff off. —

–Follow your feelings, not what you’re feeling pressured to do or feel would be a more “normal” way to approach things. You’re unique and your feelings matter a lot to both the process and the outcome.

I can’t follow step-by-step procedures to do creative things. Business is creativity. So many aspects of life are creativity.

Lot’s of us have spent a lot of time and money looking for step-by-step guides to everything– manifesting, relationships, business, money, art, you name it. But, the steps are not all steps that are for you.

You might decide to “make yourself” follow along with every step and find that this becomes increasingly… stressful.

Instead, find what feels best and let that be your way for now. Innovate from there.

This whole Feng Shui Method evolved from this process. It was the best decision I made to decide to live life on my terms, to develop something creative that was meaningful and felt right, to lean into passion and never settle for things that were not for me.

I had no idea it would rocket across the globe over the last 18 years and reach tens of millions of people. But, I did know I was absolutely doing the right thing by investing in myself and this bliss. (*if you want to learn this unique, ultra-freeing and powerful Feng Shui Method, you can get the details for The School of Intention Professional Feng Shui Certification Program HERE!)

— So, now let’s talk about the idea of settling and quitting that habit of settling.

Clear the clutter of settling for things you don’t want in your home. If you can’t get new things, learn to make them, be innovative, ask for things. There are “buy nothing” Facebook groups around the world where you can literally request whatever you’re looking for and may just find incredible things as gifts! 

Resourcefulness is magical.

If you’re determined to get things done, you’ll find a way. If you’re not, you won’t. And that’s OK. They may not be for you.

I sometimes have to pass on what seem like “big” opportunities because I have no real affinity for them energetically– they aren’t really “MY” big opportunities.

Every time I’ve turned down one– another bigger has arrived with speed.

Trust in what you know is true for you and you’ll be amazed at what happens. It’s incredibly magnetic.

–Stay in tune with who you are.

I know that things like wellness can be portrayed as a paradigm of “Zen like calm” but if you’re not that kind of person, this isn’t total wellness for you, right?!

You may be a super passionate person who needs tons of action and lots of projects and lots of go-go-go! This is a big part of your personal wellness— channeling your big bold energy in ways that are rewarding.

Stay close to who you are– who you actually are, not who other people or other groups would like you to be– and you’ll have way more creative momentum, too! 

There’s no one-size-fits-all formula to success, and that’s the point of all of this. I’m pretty sure there’s also no one way to get everything “right” in life. But, there are definitely so many ways to feel that magic flow every say and I hope you lean into them more and more! 

When you do this you’ll realize that your time is now. You don’t need to wait on things. You don’t need to burry dreams. Your ship hasn’t sailed.

It’s time to Feng Shui your life! 

The best time to do what you want to do is here for you.



P.S.: Feng Shui School is starting soon and if you want to become certified in this one-of-it’s-kind in the world creative Method, the details are HERE!


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