Feng Shui To Bring Life-Changing Confidence To Every Day!

Sep 21, 2021 | Creativity

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Feng Shui can help you to build your confidence every day.

Not to be confused with arrogance, confidence means –to me– that you shine and everyone shines with you. Everyone shines. No one is lesser. Everyone can glow, prosper and achieve, thrive and enjoy life.

Confidence isn’t photos and videos on social media. It’s a part of your strong, aligned energetic system.

And, confidence is insanely exciting because it’s a state where you’re allowing all kinds of abundance, radiance, happiness, creativity… and you’re feeling grounded, centered and strong.

This isn’t a perfect state, but it’s a place we can all live in more of the time.

Confidence is also multi-faceted. You might have great intellectual confidence but feel wobbly in social situations. You may be really certain about your intuition but less certain about being seen and celebrated.

Again, it’s not perfect, but wherever you need a boost of confidence that’s long lasting, you can absolutely shift the energy in your life to get there!

(yago hortal)

Your home can help you feel brighter, more activated and more focused, more rooted, more peaceful and more inspired. And, you don’t need to turn things upside down or renovate and redecorate to get this energy flowing.

In The Feng Shui School of Intention, the Professional Feng Shui Training, one of the big things we focus on is confidence.  Personal confidence as a Feng Shui Professional, of course, is incredibly important. But, supporting your clients in building their confidence is equally important!

Eliminate the stuff that makes you feel “less than.”

Clutter can drag you down so let it go. Slowly but surely you’ll make your way through the stuff and to a whole new level of energy around you. Also, know that every step you take toward clutter-clearing is, in itself, a confidence booster and energy shift. You don’t need to reach the finish line to get the benefits.

Take pride and care of everything around you– and you, too!

Yep, you may not live in your dream house yet, and you might not have your ideal furniture or art on the walls but: as you care for the things you have you will have more of your ideal things show up in your life.

Deep clean that less-than-ideal stuff. Maintain it. Keep it looking spectacular. It may even become more ideal for you as you do this!

For yourself– you don’t need tens of thousands of dollars to take good care of you. Most of the biggest stuff is free. Remind yourself as I type this and remind myself, that even the way that you speak to yourself and about yourself every day is affecting how you look, how you feel and how you magnetize things to you.

Be bold in your personal style and unapologetic in expressing your personality.

I love when people have strong style, even if it’s not “my aesthetic.” What I like doesn’t matter. What you like does matter.

So many people strive to make their homes look a way that everyone thinks of as awesome when it’s not awesome at all to give up your favorite colors, favorite textures, favorite art and collections.

Be bold and never apologize for what you love. It will help you to stay supercharged to see that stuff every day!

Celebrate yourself in all ways by highlighting your priorities.

If you love to workout at home, it’s perfectly fine to have yoga space or exercise equipment in a room where it works for you. The number of people I meet who stop themselves from working out because of their decor is so stunning, but I understand. This notion of what is “appropriate” can really limit life.

You may need art-making space, a bigger home office that stretches into your living room or something else that is vital for you– and so it should be for you!!!

Dare to move deeper into the expression of your talents every day!

One excellent way to become more comfortable being seen and celebrated is to develop and practice everything that you love. Master your chocolate making, create your inventions, write your books, practice making music/ singing/ dancing/ all of it.

You might say that you know how great you are but you’re still afraid to be very forward in your life and that’s OK. Do it anyway.

There’s pretty much nothing that matters a lot to me that I don’t feel some moments of fear about doing in public ways. But, I’ve learned that the more it gets done the less scary it becomes and the more I’m drawn to learn, practice and master new skills.

I strongly believe you’re meant to fully enjoy your life right now, not sometime in the distant future. The more you open up to this energy and self-expression, the more you’ll see that the possibilities are endless and life is always expanding.

And, your confidence will expand, too!

Here’s to all the most amazing energy in your every single day.



P.S.:  If you’re ready to become a Feng Shui Pro trained in this revolutionary method of Feng Shui, you can get all the details to join in The School of Intention Professional Feng Shui Certification Program HERE! 


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