8 Ideas To Gear Up and Get Ready For A Season Of Creative Prosperity!

Sep 28, 2021 | Creativity, Prosperity


Are you ready for the season of prosperity ahead?

Meaning: do you feel the energy, order, flow and focus to create everything on your list of goals?

If you’re looking to make a cross-country camping trip, chances are you’ll stock up and get ready. If you’re moving, you’ll be served well with a little preparation in advance.

The same goes for new projects, life changes, making breakthroughs, leveling up, breaking habits, setting personal records…

Even though I know a few people who showed up on the day of a marathon without training and completed it, they all agreed it would have been better– and less of a recovery period afterward!– if they spent a little time in the weeks prior getting ready.

Getting ready for a big period of action is the part of the process that’s often overlooked even though it can make everything easier.

My own list to end the year is long in an exciting, refreshing way. But, I am definitely not ready to go all-in quite yet. Give me a week or two and I will be 100% ready.

I could never admit that before. I would feel guilty or lazy, as though I should be tougher and more aggressive.

That strategy failed my body, mind, spirit and my life. It’s not successful. It’s not awesome.

But, getting ready definitely is awesome. Let’s do it!

These are just some of the many components that can factor into your personal readiness.

When in doubt, really rest.

If you’re feeling scattered, make sure you’re not exhausted as well. If you’re feeling tense, make sure you’re taking breaks and taking time to decompress. Elite athletes train rigorously and also rest rigorously, and both create excellence.

Clear the decks mentally with a loose ends list.

What loose ends are floating in your life?

I have several people to contact, several small projects to get off my desk, a bunch of clothes missing buttons or needing to be steamed in my closet. And, several more projects, big and small, to really finish. These things may seem small but they represent parts of a cycle that’s not finished and they can create an ambient noise in life.

Make a list of all these loose ends and get them done. It will make such a big difference in how “arms wide open” you feel you are to embracing the new!

Clean with love.

HOUSECLEANING is another way to evoke Catherine Ponder’s “Cleansing Law of Prosperity.” It’s also meditative, transformational, energetically clearing and refreshing!

Sift through books (at home or at a library or in your digital collection) and pull out your inspiration of the season.

Right now, I am going through my books to ask– what have I not read? What do I not want to read? What is calling me? What am I reaching for?

Sometimes I will stock up on new books for a season, sometimes I get rid of a pile of books as I settle on my focus.

I have a personal pull toward a lot of new learning this season so I am going to do some book gifting, book getting and stacking up my reading for the month ahead!

Move in new ways.

Sameness breeds sameness. I need a little variety to stay active and feel activated. That said, exercise is at the very top of my list this season. A lot of exercise. A lot of movement.

I am logging into my Strala Home app and getting started with some fresh movement every single day. With things like Tai Chi and restorative yoga, every day is not too much, and I am craving a little every day as it gets cold outside and cozy inside.

Never underestimate the power of a fresh notebook!

Fresh notebooks have been my favorite thing since first grade. That and a pen I love to write with!

I use these notebooks for everything– lists. plans. free-writing. outlining. daydreaming. All of it.

Dump the daily clutter.

If you’ve got an overload of stuff in spaces where you spend a lot of time– your workspace, car, bedroom, really anywhere that feels stuck or overwhelming (*like my closet full of unfinished clothing projects)– now if a great time to let that stuff go!


Complexity is not excellence simply because it’s intricate.

Simplicity is excellence.

And the more you create with simplicity in mind, the better you will feel.

Extra effort, needless steps– it will slow you down and make things confusing.

Do you have certain rituals, habits or patterns that you need to pare down and make much easier?

I recommend doing this right now.

The better you feel, the better you’ll feel moving forward.

While you don’t need to reach a perfect state or be inspired every minute to move forward in life in an awesome way, this spirit of readiness can set things up for more momentum and bigger success in every way you define it.

The idea is to make whatever you do totally revitalizing. After all, of you’re preparing for a season of creative abundance and success, the adventure ahead is going to be amazing!



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