5 Ways To Recalibrate Your Life Brilliantly During Mercury Retrograde!

Sep 30, 2021 | Creativity, Feng Shui 101

(kathy klein is brilliant)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for me when the clock strikes Mercury Retrograde and everything resonates with a reminder to slow down.

Moving more slowly. Being more deliberate. Double checking the details. Getting into the depths of your thoughts, your emotions and your dreams without judgement and with curiousity.

What do you miss while you’re moving fast? What do you forget or drop lower on your priority list when things are busy?

Now is a great time to recalibrate your life brilliantly so that everything you do becomes far more joyful and powerful, impactful and excellent.

(kathy klein is brilliant)

Get more prepared for everything.

You can start preparing for important meetings well in advance, preparing for calls, preparing for tomorrow. The more you take time to prepare the less you’re apt to forget important details, rush, show up late or stress in general. More preparation means more creativity on tap!

Do your research.

When you have the time to do a deep dive and really research things– whether it’s a business opportunity or a new shampoo you’ve been eyeing, a workout plan or a spiritual path– there’s so much that can be revealed. Research saved me from buying several hundred dollars worth of things this month alone that I thought I needed, it’s helped me to invest wisely and it can help you in all ways.

Organize for more efficiency.

If you’re like me you may have rolled your eyes a few times at refrigerators that are so organized that they look like art because who has time for that, right? Well, I have joined that club as I eagerly await my organizing stuff to prepare meals in advance and make my refrigerator a masterpiece of sorts!

The reason: I was finding that I’d forget about produce I couldn’t see in as it was stored, I was missing expiration dates of things, I was getting uninspired about what to eat… and with all this waste (any food wasted is too much in my mind) and time waste I realized that more order was the ultimate solution.

What can be more efficient for you? Laundry? Closets? Computer?

Sleep until you wake up leaping out of bed!

My goal is to be so well rested that every day I wake up literally thrilled to see the sun shining in. Retrogrades can help you to recalibrate if that hasn’t been happening. Naps, sleeping in, new bedtime rituals– it can all be magical!

Make a habit of gratitude.

The greatest recalibration for me is always toward more spiritual practice, appreciation and gratitude.

These are the habits that help to truly expand life in the richest ways.

And, when things go back to busy… all of these “recalibrations” have staying power, making life flow more and feel so much better!

Here’s to THRIVING rather than “surviving” during Mercury Retrograde!



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