Is It Time To Try A New Recipe For Success?!

Oct 5, 2021 | Prosperity

recipe for success

What’s your recipe for success? Is it working as well for you as it did last year, two years ago or five years ago? Is it new?

What would life be like if you had even a little bit more space, connection, mindful, simple, slow, living, learning energy in every day?!

It’s interesting to me that so much of the right column in the graphic above is what I once associated with success– having stuff, moving fast, everything complex. And, I believed at the time that feeling exhausted, mind-less, living in comparison and feeling judgement was an unfortunate price of that “success.”

This was not a recipe for success that was sustainable!

I was miserable and “success” became less desirable by the day. 

Often we feel we need to make huge sacrifices for success, giving up what we love to “achieve “something.  As a consequence, we don’t pursue our passions. If you feel this way, I make a video HERE that will help you with this.

Instead of sacrificing for success, you can create a new recipe for success. 

Embracing more space, connection, mindful, simple, slow, living and learning, is not only more pleasant– it’s a far more epic success strategy!

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What does your success strategy look like– or do you even have one that you’ve selected for yourself?

I’m mindful that many of us take on the strategies we’ve seen around us–from family, friends, society-at-large. Or, we act in rebellion against all of those things.

Then, there’s stuff we actively seek– classes, workshops, seminars– and we can gather so many secrets to success that are often great best-practices in many ways for many people.

Waking up at 5am, jumping into a bucket of ice, doing a prescribed set of tasks, wearing the perfect outfit after a 10 step skincare routine and then somehow having a day scheduled down to the minute that works out great all sounded amazing until I tried to make it work in action.

This can be your ideal day, but it isn’t mine.

I think that’s why I felt like a lost cause.

I was “trained” to follow instructions, not to blaze trails. I was comfortable making the most of my time in service to another, not to myself. I put my actual needs in all ways far below the tasks at hand that I had piled on my plate.

I didn’t have the energy to follow a schedule, I had no drive to maximize my days, I was uninspired to dress up every day for other people. I could force myself to do it because I had to check it off my to-do list, but there was zero joy in all of this.

Happiness had no place in the success I internalized. It was about being the best, being separate, being optimized on every level that communicated to others that I was smart, worthy and great.

It was a nightmare of epic proportions and I know I’m not alone in this. If you’ve been caught in these treadmills of “achievement” there’s no limit to the ways it can capture your whole life in its web.

I had to create more space, more of myself, more of what mattered to me in every way possible, and it seemed terrifying because I was somehow very sure that by resting, by resisting the perfect routine, by saying no to the invitations to the “best” things I had no interest in— well, I would be settling for some sort of comfortable failure.

Instead, it brought me, slowly but surely, the kind of confidence and success I couldn’t imagine when I was busy driving myself crazy.

It’s amazing to take time for yourself. It’s important to feel joy as well as productivity. Not every minute needs to be optimal. You’re allowed to have days — or weeks– that you work in your pajamas if you can. There are no prescribed ways to be optimal, but one thing is for sure—

It’s not optimal to feel like a robot trying to win a race you don’t even want to run.

It’s been helpful for so many clients, friends and me, too, to shake off the old ways and let a new way evolve.

Aiming for what you really want. Following the threads of joy. Creating your own routines and rituals. Developing your own flow.

It wasn’t seamless. It wasn’t without days of wondering whether I needed to hire someone to coach me to be a different person because I wasn’t productive enough. It wasn’t without old habits creeping back and bouts of burnout.

But it was worth it. Because all good things can take time. And, every step toward more joy was also exponential in all the most abundant ways, too!

Your recipe for success will make you feel amazing and you’ll love it!

I’m wishing you so much abundance and love every single day!



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